Happy Anniversary Mama & Papa G!

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary mom and pops!  I love you two more than I could ever say.  Really.  You’ve taught me so much in love and life.  I’m eternally grateful for the role models you’ve been and continue to be to me.

mom and dad wedding picHow mom and pops met.  Well, mom was a cradle robber.  She’s old.  Compared to my dad.  Ha, I’m kidding (mom, calm down!), she’s only 3 months older than my dad.  But, for those three months he certainly doesn’t let her forget it.  Point: mom was a year older than dad in high school.  They went to the same high school, though they ran with different crowds.  Dad was a cowboy.  Mom was a cheerleader.  After graduating mom went to UW Eau Claire and dad…went to Whitewater?

…I’m telling this story based on how I’ve heard it.  It’s quite possible things are made up.  I could be full of shit.  But, for now, this is my story, they’re my parents, so we’re going with it.  mmmkay?

Anyway.  The story goes that mom and dad met at a party when they were in college.  My parents.  At a party?  Nooo…tehehehe.  No, actually I can totally picture it.  Totally. My parents?  Yeah, my parents know how to have a good time.  So, they meet at a party and start dating.  Dad is still living in our hometown (yep, I was raised in the same town!) and mom is in Eau Claire.  They played on the weekends.  Long distance sucks.  I know.

I don’t know many details.  I’m okay with that.  I don’t want to think about the mushiness.

Anywho.  When it comes time for dad to propose – it goes something like this:  please note my dad is not the romantic type.

“Look in the glove box.”


Yep, that’s it.  “Look in the glove box.”

Mom. Dad. Engaged.

I’m sure both of them are cringing, cursing me for over simplifying it.  But, I guess that is what they get for telling their story to me they way they have over the years.  And honestly, I sort of love that story.  Without it, there’d be no meee!

When Craig and I selected our wedding date, it was pretty much a no-brainer to us.  Both of our parents were married in September.  In the same year.  Just 2 weeks apart.  Yeah, that means that in just a couple weeks my in-laws will also be celebrating an anniversary.  That’s pretty neat, isn’t it?  Oh, AND, you might remember that we celebrated with my MIL’s family last week.  Her parents just celebrated 63 years!  September is a month of weddings in our family!

DJ Wedding Photo

Here are Jo Anne and Dennis.  The infamous in-laws.



Hi, us.  I love this picture because it looks “natural.”  I look so happy, don’t I?

I called ma a cradle robber, so now it’s my turn.  I’m almost exactly 2 months older than Craig.  And yes, for that two months, he doesn’t let me live it down.  I guess it’s just one of those things that isn’t really that funny, but we find it genuinely hilarious. #simplefolk

As our first anniversary draws near, I have a mini-series planned to finish up our dating, engagement, and wedding story.  I’m so excited to relive all of the fun and details.

So, there you have it.  Three very special days in September.  Five wonderful people (I excluded myself – don’t want y’all thinking I’m so self-important).

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad.  I love you!




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