A Moment That’s Defined Me

Here are five moments that first came to me as I thought of my life-defining moments:


Becoming a big sister – no, I don’t specifically remember the very first time I laid eyes on her.  But, becoming a storesøter (we’re really effin’ Danish, right Kels?) definitely defined me.  I have snippets of visiting my mom in the hospital after Kelsey was born.  So, that’s something I guess.  But, since April 21, 1989 I had to share attention, my toys, my parents love.  It taught me a lot.  I also gained another being that I love unconditionally.  And if that doesn’t help define someone, I’m not sure what does.

Quitting the team – part way through my sophomore basketball season, I quit.  My parent’s never let me quit things.  But, they let me quit this.  There was a bunch of crazy shiz going on and I just knew it wasn’t right.  I remember how I felt during it all and can now better recognize the difference a situation I should suck it up and stick out and ones that are just plain toxic.

masters graduation

Going to grad school – when I selected my undergraduate institution it was because I had a darn good idea of where my boyfriend at the time was going.  I chose it for all the wrong reasons, but it ended up being the best decision.  Had I not, I wouldn’t have met my husband.  But.  Through undergrad, I dated the same guy on and off.  My education was my “back up plan.”  Heck, all I wanted to do was get married and have babies!  After realizing I was a mere piece to this man’s puzzle and what I wanted didn’t really matter, I knew I needed to redirect myself.  Starting grad school was the first real step I took in redefining my life.  I wanted a career.  I wanted to choose where I went and what I did, instead of following someone else’s blue prints.  Needless to say, this wasn’t an overly popular decision and when I finally put my foot down and exclaimed what it was that I wanted, the relationship ended and I continued forward to becoming the new and improved me.  Not to mention I met the truest of true friends, Kimmie.

in the Rockies with my good friend, Betsy

In the Rockies with my good friend, Betsy

Moving to Colorado – I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really take big chances.  Like, ever.  So, picking up and moving to Colorado without a job was pretty risky for me.  I was half-dating Craig at the time, but that relationship wasn’t a guarantee.  I knew that while I had the perks of my best friend living in Denver and the “boy I liked” in the Springs, the decision needed to be for me.   And it was.  Majority of the time I lived there, my best friend was back in Wisconsin and Craig was soon relocated out-of-state.  I was solo.  But I loved Denver.  I experienced a few firsts, including running my first half marathon.  It’s pretty neat what you can accomplish when you’re left to your own devices.

wedding kiss

Getting married – How could this not define someone’s life?  My whole life changed.  Now, Family G wasn’t top priority.  Family M was.  I had my very own family, complete with 2 furbabies!!!  I don’t get to be selfish anymore, I always have to consider Craig’s wants and needs, too.  Meh, ok, I guess if I’m honest, I’m still selfish sometimes, but more often than not, I think I’m pretty good at being selfless.  Don’t give me wrong, Family G is still incredibly influential and important in my life, I’d go to pieces if I didn’t have them, but it’s pretty life altering when you join in your own nuclear unit.

My core is the same, but I’ve certainly evolved over the last 26 years.Those are just a few of the things that came to the front of my mind.  It’s pretty exciting to think about the defining moments yet to come.  Who will I be 5 years from now?  Ten years?

What moments have defined you?





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