Labor Day Weekend

It was a fun, fabulous, fantastic holiday weekend.  Here are just a few of the highlights!


Kelsey came for dinner!  We grilled corn and burgers, made cookies.  And I also had an epic fail with my first homemade ice cream recipe.  It was the last time I’ll be able to see Kels before she heads across the Atlantic to teach Spanish for a year.  True to my emotional self, I cried when she left.  Stay safe, kid sister.


I headed west to get lunch with some of my most favorite gals, Laura and Wendi.  It was a great couple hours catching up and googling over Laura’s adorable baby bump.

olive garden Collage

Could you believe she is just 6 months pregnant!?  And she says she is “small” compared to when she had her son.  Whew!  On the right you can see the whole group – from Left to Right: Wendi, Teresa (another bank gal), Grace (Laura’s mom), Laura, MEEE.

Saturday night, Craig and I explored our neighborhood a bit.  We found a great little ice cream stand – a little pricey for what we got, but it’s nice that it’s so close!


/// Sunday \

The day What The Efff became independent!  Kim and I spent quite a bit of time together getting our blogs moved over to Blue Host.  It ended up being a lot more difficult than we thought, but are cheap and we were determined to do it without paying someone to do it for us.  Many hours and few beers later, here we are!  We were both successful!  We are still working out some kinks – multiple texts have gone back and forth “Hey, what the hell is commentluv?”  “Help me with the calendar!”  It’s been awesome beginning my blogging journey with my bestie.  Not sure I could’ve worked through some of the frustration without her.

My date with Kim turned into a full-fledged BBQ party!  We were joined by Craig and 5 of our other friends for great food, drinks, corn hole, Cards Against Humanity, and a bonfire.

BBQ Collage

Craig was quite pleased with himself and that large fire he created.  Boys…

The mysterious white dog is Sammie – he’s Allie‘s furbaby.  I’m his Auntie Jessi, so obviously when Craig and I got married he became Uncle Craig.  Obviously.

/// Monday \

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent the afternoon with my MIL’s parents celebrating 63 years together!  They are obviously quite proud of this accomplishment.  Here’s to hoping that Craig and I will be having the same celebration 62 years from now!

Whew.  Told you I was busy.  I’ll be back tomorrow with another delish recipe!




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