A Pretty Garage?

Now we are making our way towards the outdoors!  I’m not talking about kitchen and bathroom for a couple reasons.  For one, my kitchen is absolutely perfect.  Move-in ready to a T.  Beautiful counter tops, cabinets, appliances.  We might change the color or something, but otherwise, it’s just simply amazing.  The bathroom is quite small and it, too, is move-in ready.  We will probably just pop in a new shower head and give it a fresh coat of paint.

Craig is most excited about the attached garage we will have.  We had talked about perhaps getting a chest freezer, but while we considered that, my grandma updated her fridge and gave us her 8 year-old (in incredible condition!) refrigerator.  (Hey, Grandma, thanks again!).  For whatever reason, my family has always had the dual refrigerators, so I’m excited not only to finally have a second one, but to have a garage to put it in!

Anyway.  So, this lovely 2-car garage will be a god-send this winter.  NO MORE SCRAPING ICE AND SNOW.  hellz yea.  We are also fortunate to have 2 storage sheds in the back yard, so that means that the garage doesn’t have to store the lawn mower or other lawn care items.  Woot.

That being said, I know I need an organized garage.  This always seems to be the first area to “go” when people get comfortable in their homes.  I hate it.  It so quickly becomes overwhelming and before you know it, it’s just a place for junk.  Well, I’m resolving to not let that happen to me!  I’m going in with a plan and sticking to it!

Some of my favorite blogs have done some amazing garage makeovers/organization overhauls.  They have some great tips, for sure!


Just by the name of her blog, IHeartOrganizing, I knew I would love Jen’s blog.  She is a fellow Wisconsinite.  She is one of the very first blogs I started to follow, before I even considered one of my own.  She has a bajillion awesome projects and is full of great tips.  Her garage overhaul was great.  I see lots of baskets, bins, totes, and if you check out her page, you’ll see some peg boards, too.


WOW.  Seriously.  This isn’t just organized.  It’s beautiful.  Leave it to Cassie at Hi Sugarplaum! to make a garage a beautiful place.  She is also one of the first blogs I followed.  And I love her.  She is funny and obviously talented.  I mean, just look at this picture!  Do you see her spray paint?  In the shoe holder?  CLEVER.  The shelving, bins, colorful labels…oh dear, and THAT DOOR.  So unexpected.  Totally wonderful.  Anytime she wants to come beautify my home, she is more than welcome!

So, what about you?  What tips do you have for an organized garage space?  Leave your advice and blog links in the comments!



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