A Week’s Worth of Inspiration

In five short days the M fam is kissing the rental life goodbye and moving into their first home!

We ended up getting a decent amount of things packed this weekend, despite the fact that Friday night and Saturday morning were pretty brutal for me.  Honestly, I’d be fine if this damned tooth got pulled.  I don’t think I care if I’d be 26 with an implant.  For real.  Just make the pain go away.  I hate taking pain medication, but it’s been a staple the past 48 hours.  It’s either I take the meds or I lay in bed and cry.  That isn’t even an exaggeration.

As we start to pack up, we’ve started to make a “wish list” of sorts.  Things that we know we will need to function as new home owners.  Things like a lawn mower, ladder, etc.  Thanks for my fawsome (effin’ awsesome) family, we have a few items already marked off of our list.  Some of our list items are really more “wishful thinking,” but some of the items are real necessities.  I just know there will be a day in the next few months that I wake up and realize that I need something that doesn’t exist in our home.

So – I’m interested to hear from you all – what are some of the things that you consider necessities?  I know we are going to wake up one day and need something that hasn’t crossed our minds yet.  I’d love to hear what you think – leave a comment!

inspirationI’m also getting really giddy about decorating and painting.  I’ve stocked up on paint samples from Menards and Home Depot.  I think we’ve pretty well decided on how to finish up the dining room, but I’m still looking for inspirations for the remainder of the house.

Since I’ll be busy this week packing and dealing with the devil-tooth, I’ve prepared a week of posts centered around decoration inspiration.  Tuesday through Friday will each focus on a different space.  I’ve found some rooms that I adore, but I’m looking forward to see what spaces you’ve recently transformed.  What is your style like?  What suggestions do you have?  What are you opinions on the styles I’m drawn to? Let me hear it!

Here’s what I have planned – so start gathering your thoughts and recent posts for me!

– Tuesday: Magic in the Bedroom
– Wednesday: The Room of Living
– Thursday: A Pretty Garage?
– Friday: The Great Outdoors

At some point I’ll return to this idea for the laundry room, bathroom, basement, etc.  Maybe even a nursery  😉  …don’t get any ideas yet, mom.  I’m just teasing.



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