Thursday Thoughts

– For the first time, I’ve experienced real frustration with my blog.  I originally hoped to link up with Mal Smiles and the Boy Behind the Blog, however, that post disappeared.  Like, Craig’s answers were nowhere to be seen.  *sigh* Rather than fight with it, I’ll just wait until next month.

photo 1– A couple other firsts in the last 24 hours: used a real head of garlic for the first time and chicken that isn’t of the breast form. The result was delicious and I’m excited to share the recipe!

– Have you heard of Mailbox?  After seeing a fellow blogger using it, I downloaded it.  Already obsessed.  I hate seeing badges on my iPhone and the badges don’t go away until you have a clean inbox.  Organized to the extreme.

photo 2– Early wake up call today for a short run.  Honestly, if I didn’t have Kim holding me accountable, I would’ve blown it off.  I actually dreamt I blew her off and when I woke to realize the texts were only a dream, I drug my ass out of bed.

– I love Rice Crispy Treats, so the thought of having a single-serve option is just plain dangerous.

– Did I mention my early wake up call?  5:15AM to be exact.  I feel a little tired (read: bitchy).  I don’t think morning workouts are my thing.  Were they ever?  …mmmm no.

Another rice crispy recipe.  They took it to a whole ‘nother level.  Peanut butter?  ‘Nough said.

cute-penguins-hug-drawing– I feel this way about Craig.  Except when he gets home late, makes the dogs bark at him, flashes a damn flashlight in my eyes, etc etc…all while I’m trying to sleep because I was a dumbass and decided I could get up at 5:15 for a “pleasant early morning run.”



|||image source|||

So, in summary, I’m having one of those days.  I was up too early.  I lost my blog post.  And the only cure is more cowbell a rice crispy treat.



  1. Haha, does this mean you’re not running in the morning again? Because the ONLY reason I got out of bed is because your text message scared the crap out of me and then I felt super accountable to you. Our system works…besides the whole being bitchy to everyone the rest of the day thing!



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