More Scenes from State Fair

It was an action-packed weekend for us!  Fun was had all around!

Friday night, Craig and I went to a campus bar after work for some “professional development” with my boss and our graduate assistant.  The beers were going down a little too easy.  In about an hour 3 beers were polished off, so Craig drove home!  We headed to a lake bar down the road for a Friday fish fry.  We were joined at dinner with these little cuties.

photo 1

After dinner, we headed home and I promptly passed out on the couch.  We were both in bed, sleeping by 9pm.  Man, I feel old.

Saturday morning I got a short run in.  It was pretty ugly though.  I was feeling the after affects of some alcohol.  I got some other “chores” done before Craig and I headed to the Wisconsin State Fair.

We were greeted by motorcycle doggie.  Not sure it’s safe for either of them, but it was pretty adorable nonetheless.

photo 2

And the rest of the pictures for the day:

Fair Collage

1. Fried S’mores on a stick. Should really be called heaven on a stick.  The fry batter was graham cracker flavored.  YUM.
2. We found a stand where we could buy kangaroo jerky, alligator jerky, along with wild boar, buffalo, and ostrich.  Haven’t tried them yet…
3. That’s a big piece of cheese, eh?  I was pretty impressed.
4. Did you know that the only place that makes Limburger cheese is in Wisconsin?  If you haven’t tried it, do it.  Not the tastiest, but pretty flippin’ unique.

Fair2 Collage

1. A whole building dedicated to all things Wisconsin.  You could buy grilled cheese, Eclaires, and other equally as delicious Wisconsin treats.
2. These came from Sprecher.  I saw them advertised when I was with my mom doing the tour last weekend.  Beer sorbet on a stick!  I got 3 mini’s to try.  This one was their Hefe beer sorbet dipped in lemon.  It was by far my favorite.
3. A Krispy Kreme cheeseburger.  Wasn’t super delicious, more of one of those things that you can say you did it.  Yes, Craig and I shared food all day.  I didn’t dominate these all alone!
4. These 2 rabbits cracked me up.  The first is using his food dish as a “pillow” and this one just looked like he thought his life was over.  I don’t know how those little animals deal with kids (and adults!) torturing them all day by yelling at them and poking their fingers into their cages.

fair3 Collage

1. You cannot go to WI State Fair and not get a Cream Puff!  Here are the racks, ready to feed all the huge, hungry line!
2. Craig experiencing his first Wisconsin State Fair cream puff.  I’m not sure how impressed he was.  I sure enjoyed it!
3. Last time I was at State Fair was in HS.  My poms team competed on that stage.  I was honestly surprised I recognized it.  The grounds are huge and my memory is generally pretty terrible.
4. Up, up, and away on the Sky Ride.  This was actually the first thing Craig and I did.  We got up and above everything so we could check everything out before we decided what to do.  I hate heights.  It gave me a little bit of anxiety, no lie.

Last, but not least, the carnival section.  I got a little queasy just looking at the rides (and smelling all of the diesel), but man, there was a day when I LOVED this kind of stuff.  I’m not sure how my mom handled watching her little girls ride these things!



  1. How fun! I’d be all over the cheese. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I’ve never been to the Texas State Fair in Dallas. Well- I’ve been once for the Texas/OU game, but only got as far as the corn dog stand- never checked out the rides other other food. Sounds like a great weekend!


  2. my dad once made me try limburger cheese!!! it’ll put hair on your chest that’s for sure. it is about as intense as cheese gets. i am going on month 3 without cheese curds and the other day i actually resorted to googling “where can i find cheese curds in new england”… my results were unsuccessful.. sad face.


    1. Yeah, I tried it for the first time just a couple months ago. Can’t say I liked it, but I think it’s something everyone should “experience.” ha. Lucky (or unlucky?) you’ll be back soon, so you can track down some curds!



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