My Top Tips for Moving

We finally closed on Tuesday!  The home is ours!  I never thought this day would come!  We are aiming for an August 24th move.  We gave the sellers extra time to move since their home sold so quickly.  They were so appreciative of it.  They are the nicest people and offered to do whatever they could to accommodate.  They offered to find space for our things if we needed to move some things before the 24th.  We have no need or desire to take them up on that offer, but the appreciation and flexibility they’ve shown thus far has been refreshing.

The move to our new home is the 5th move for me in 2 years.  Pretty crazy, huh?  Needless to say, I’ve learned quite a bit about efficiency.

map2011: Wisconsin to Colorado to Tennessee

2013: Tennessee to Grandma’s garage to lake house to new home

No, our “lake house” looks nothing like that.  In fact, we didn’t technically live on the lake.  But it was only a block.  And it was an old lake cottage.  So, I can call it a lake house, right?  Makes me feel fancy schmancy.

Myles has logged many, many Myles with his human, Jessi.  Our travels lead us to pick up the other two “things” we now call part of our family, Craig and Rudy.  They’re okay.  I guess.

So yeah, I know a thing or two about moving.  Thing number one: DON’T DO IT.  I hate moving.  Hate, hate, hate it.  But, sometimes you find a husband that has a crazy-ass job and then you not only have to do it, you have to get kind of good at it.

Let me start with some of the mistakes I made with my first move:

dont doBeing a recent grad and poor, I enlisted the help of my best friend’s parents to move me to Colorado.  They were headed that way anyway, for Allie’s graduation.  Moving in a mini van meant I save the cost of a moving truck, but ultimately paid for it when I needed to buy a new bed, TV, living room furniture, etc.  Bite the bullet, pay for the truck (or even better, movers!) and move your shiz.  Unless, of course, you hate it all and want an excuse to redecorate.  Then move in a mini van.

Why on earth did I think it was a good idea to take every single piece of clothing off of its hanger?  Oh, that’s right, because I moved in a mini van.  And I needed to be efficient with space.  And clothes on a hanger amongst totes isn’t super efficient.  This really just goes back to the idea of not moving in a mini van.

I also did not chuck any shit before packing.  Bad.Idea. I ended up with so much random shit that I didn’t need in Denver.  Shit that took up space in the mini van.  Precious space.  And yes, I’m saying shit, because that’s what it was.  Shit.

There is nothing more annoying than digging through a ton of totes trying to track down the damn cleaning supplies.  For real.  Digging means making a mess and the last thing you want is a mess in a dirty apartment.  Then you have to clean around it AND it now has someone else’s germs on it.  Maybe I’m a little OCD.

Things I did right the first time around and the things I’ve learned now that I’m a self-proclaimed professional:

doMy number one tip – BUY TOTES.  ESPECIALLY if you know you’re going to be moving frequently.  But really, even if you aren’t still buy them.  They’re easy to stack.  Durable. REUSABLE! Whether it’s decorations, off-season clothing, dry food storage,  you will find a way to use them.  I promise.  You don’t have to break the bank, either.  I got huge totes for less than $5 each at the dollar store.  Not all  stores carry them, but it’s worth looking.  Also, keep an eye on sales.  I bought some heavy duty ones around Halloween at Target for $5 each.  They’re bright orange and black, but who cares?

Pack your cleaning supplies in a laundry basket.  Make them easy to find and easily accessible.  Clean your new place before you unpack.  You don’t want a stranger’s pet hair, body hair, crumbs, dust, etc all over your stuff.  That’s just nas-tee.

Pack a separate bag of shiz.  You will not be able to unpack in a single day.  Unless you’re super woman.  Why stress about it?  Just pack a separate bag.  Pretend like you’re on vacation.  A vacation filled with stress and full of boxes.  And whining dogs.  And a pouting husband.  Yes, a vacation.

Label your crap people.  Get a roll of packaging tape and a permanent marker and LABEL.  Honestly, it will save on a ton of frustration later.  You won’t be hauling boxes to the basement to realize that it actually belongs in the kitchen.  (Aren’t kitchen boxes always the heaviest!?  UGH!)

Rent the effin’ dolly.  I was so against this.  I AM STRONG.  I AM WOMAN.  But, Craig insisted.  Holy crap, it made me a happier person.  Instead of grunting and yelling at each other while carrying a washing machine, I instead was only worried about it rolling down on top of me on the stairs.  No, but really.  The less I have to work, the happier I am.  #truth

Purge.  This is an up hill battle for me when dealing with Craig.  He will not throw anything away!  OH EM GEEEEE.  I come from a family whos patriarch rented dumpsters on a regular basis.  My dad chucked shit like it was going out of business.  Our neighbor would come over and pull out children’s bikes and other perfectly useable toys and household items.  Hey, if we didn’t use it, he didn’t want it.  Before anyone yells, my mom also made frequent trips to Goodwill.  Moving from Tennessee I had to fight tooth and nail for Craig to get rid of some of the crap he had been hauling around.  It was just sitting in closets.  He didn’t let all of it go, but I made some progress.  The man could border as a hoarder.  Almost.  Love you, hunny.

I swear, if I find that you’ve taken your clothing off of hangers, I will find you.  What a waste of time.  Maybe no one else does this.  Maybe I was just reeeally stupid the first time around.  I don’t know.  But when moving my closet I simply take handfuls of clothes and either lay them on the backseat of my car or on the couch in the moving truck.  A few things fall off there and there, but re-hanging them is still faster than taking everything off!  I’ve also seen people use garbage bags to keep everything together on hangers.  I haven’t had luck with that, but it’s worth a try.

Wish me luck as I pack up our lives for the fifth time and move into our first home!  I’ll have some pictures as we get settled in.  Maybe.  I’m not sure I want to show you all the college-eque furniture that we still possess.  Perhaps as we “upgrade” our furnishings! 🙂




  1. OMG LMAO! I have purged so much crap it’s not funny!! When I moved out of the condo 18 bags o’ crap. Yup. I said EIGHTEEN BAGS!

    When we moved from apt 1. TONS of old furniture and 5 bags. Apt 2 2 trips to the donation center. YES TO THE PURGE! AND to the totes. Seriously. Boxes? You spend about as much in boxes as you would if you had just bought totes in the first place.

    Grats on your home! I’m so excited for you!! Need anything? LOL


    1. Boxes are freakin’ expensive, aren’t they!?

      Strangely, we do have a list going of things we “need.” Like furniture (specifically a dining room table), that is respectable and not the remains what what we’ve accumulated since we started college…



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