Frosty July Weekend

Part of northern Wisconsin were under a frost advisory this weekend.  In July.  What on earth?

Thankfully, we didn’t have to deal with that mess, but it was still quite chilly.  Especially for my mama who is visiting from Texas.  …and didn’t bother to check the weather before packing.  Poor woman didn’t have a jacket and only had a single pair of jeans.  That’ll teach ya.

Saturday morning, Craig and I headed to the bank to get our Cashier’s Check for Tuesday.  Yes, we are closing in about 24 hours! I’m getting so excited.  It’s been nothing short of a nightmare getting to this point.  But, we did a drive-by with my mom to show her our new digs and it was pretty thrilling to see the “sold” sign finally posted in the front of the house!

Saturday night, mom, Craig, and I headed to Pewaukee Lake.  They were having a “Taste of Lake Country,” where a bunch of local restaurants had tents.  There was live music too.  But, remember when I said it was freezing?  We lasted just long enough to scarf down some prime rib sandwiches before we headed back to the house.

SN: I grew up in Wisco where a lot of people say “pop” for “soda.”  I call it soda, but can’t recall ever seeing “pop” on a menu.  Usually it’s soda or fountain drinks or soda, right?

photo 1

Sunday was fun!  Mom and I headed to the Sprecher Brewery tour in Milwaukee.  Craig and I are obsessed with Sprecher Cream Soda, but I wasn’t familiar with any of their beers.  YUM.  I’m starting to really get a taste for beer.  Though, I can’t yet say that I actually enjoy any of the Bud Lights, Coors Light, Miller Light, etc.  Too watery.  But, some of these microbrews I’m starting to try are delicious!

sprecher Collage

Mom also got to see the campus I work on and other parts of downtown Milwaukee.  I said goodbye to mom this morning after my doctor’s appointment.

Speaking of which, I’m happy to report that my appointment went famously.  My body was a champ and took care of itself (for once!).  This is busy, busy week and this appointment had the potential to make my week pretty disastrous.  BUT, not even thinking about that anymore, because it went well and I’m as healthy as a horse.  Now, I can just focus on all of the other positive things happening this week.  I got a couple of sweet comments and emails from you all.  THANK YOU.

Craig is hoping that this happy outcome may mean that my baby craziness may subside a little bit.  Maybe it will, a little bit. 🙂




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