That Time I Used 15 SPF

….and paid for it.

Ugh.  I’m about as fair as they come.  Blonde hair, blue eyed, Danish girl.  And for SOME REASON I thought it was a great idea to head to the beach for the afternoon with 15 spf.  Not only was it just 15, I’m pretty sure I had sweat it all off by the time we got there anyway.  And I spent the whole time on my stomach, because that is just far more comfortable.  amiright oramiright?

Outside of scorching my back, it was a great, jam-packed weekend.

My little sister made an impromtu visit Friday night!  We grilled out and got ice cream on the beach.  We watched a storm across the lake – which was really neat.  I had a cool picture, but have since lost it.  Sigh.

Saturday, I went to the eye doctor and picked out new glasses.  I haven’t had new glasses since my sophomore year of college.  Woot.  Then, I finally got a new phone.  My old iPhone was getting SO slow.  But, upgrading without backing up my phone meant I lost a crap ton of pictures.  Whoops.  I have no pictures from this weekend.  Sad panda.

Those errands were followed up by baking on the beach and dinner/drinks with our good friends, Tom and Lindsey.  We’ve decided we are going to try to head to Vegas over New Year’s.  None of us have been there (can you believe that!?).  I think they’ll be great travel pals.  Craig and Tom and so much alike it’s creepy and I adore Lindsey.


Sunday, Craig golfed with his pops and I spent time with Allie.  She is in town from Denver for a bit.  It’s always nice to spend time with her.  Highlight of Sunday was the Twinkle Cone from a hometown ice cream stand, Cone Zone.  If you have never had a Twinkle Cone, you have not lived a full life.  Do it.  I’ve seen them at a number of stands.  It just must be done.  Here, you can see it with strawberry ice cream – Al had pomegranate, which was surprisingly tasty.

iccream Collage

So, here is Monday.  No fun Monday.




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