Friday Funnies

IT’S FRIDAY!  I thought this day would never, ever come.  I’ve been in a doctor’s office 3 days this week.  That, my friends, is 3 times too many.  Hopefully after next Wednesday it will be a lifetime before I’m back in the dentist’s chair (or maybe just 6 months until I’m due for another cleaning).  The heat and the exhaustion that comes with my anxiety of dentists and pain of the procedures has made me very ‘special’ this week.  Ask Craig.  He’s been left to his own devices and that has meant hot dogs for dinner.

And because I’ve been quite a bear, I figured I could use some humor to wrap up my week.  Typically, my sense of humor may be found offensive, but I think I managed to keep it pretty tame today.  Happy Friday!

funny hoesWere you able to look at that and not even smirk?  I didn’t think so.

funny bunnyHow I have felt since June.  The joys of curly hair…

funny targetClearly.

funny hateI would too, buddy.  I. would. too.

funny filmHow old do you think the kids are that will never understand this?

funny duck

I’ll be back Monday with a yummy grilling recipe.  Since I’m on strike in the kitchen until this heat breaks, I’m putting Craig to work on the grill this weekend.

For image sources, check out my Pinterest page.  Oh, you can feel free to follow, too.  Shameless self-promotion.





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