Surround Yourself

I took a day off last week from Oh, What A Happy Day, but we are back this week over at Not Done Growing!  Time to get happy!

surround quoteAs I’ve grown older, I’ve realized more than ever that I get to choose who is in my life.  What a novel idea, huh?  Well, think about it.  In K-12, you see the same people every day at school.  And if you’re from a small town, like me, and have a small graduating class, you really see the same people every day.  That awkward kid in first grade?  Yeah, chances are that people still look at him as “weird,” even if he has grown up and matured in the last 10 years.  More often than not, you receive a label and that label sticks with you throughout grade school.

Then college happens.  And more likely than not, you’re given the opportunity to reinvent yourself or to be the person you grew to be in middle school (though no one in K-12 seemed to notice).  When making new friends, in a new place, you’re given the chance to “choose” your friends.  But, there again, it’s easy to fall into cliques.  I went to a small state school here in Wisconsin and it was essentially an extension of high school.  I had new friends, but the cliques and peer pressure were the same.

Then I entered the “real” world.  I have so many things going on, I simply don’t have the time to spend with anyone unless I make the effort.  And to be blunt, I don’t want to make the effort unless you’re someone who is a positive influence on me.  You need to lift me higher.  I would expect that my friends have the same expectation of me (and I hope that I meet and/or exceed that expectation)! Why have a friend if they take more than they give?  I’ve been incredibly lucky to find a number of friends since college that I simply adore.  Their support, candid opinions, and love have undoubtedly gotten me to where I am.

So, you might be asking – what makes this such a ‘happy’ post?  It makes me happy because finding this quote allowed me to reflect on just how many people have places in my life that lift me higher  So, today I challenge you to do the same.  Take pause, and think about just how many people lift you higher.  And remember, with friends, you don’t always have to see them to know that they are there!




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