Colorado Vacation, Part 3

Writing about the final portion of my trip just reinforces that my vacation is over. I mean, just in case the perpetual exhaustion or catch up at work wasn’t enough.

So, Sunday, Craig and I left the Springs and he dropped me off at Allie’s house. I’ve known Allie since first grade – that’s a really long time! We lost and regained touch over the years, but she and her family have been there whenever I’ve needed a family. When my parent’s moved to Texas when I was in college, her parents stepped in and provided a support system for me. They’re pretty great.

One of the best things about spending time with Allie is that it’s effortless. We are both perfectly comfortable with silence. I love that we can sit and drink wine and watch a movie and feel no obligation to talk. Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone sitting next to you, enjoying time together in silence. We made no special plans. In fact, I spent most of my two days with her walking dogs with her. Allie owns Yappy Walks, the dog-walking company I highlighted a few months ago.

My favorite Yappy Dog

My favorite Yappy Dog

Between Monday and Tuesday, we banked 14 miles walking! I feel a little bit better about falling behind on my running. Walking that distance in the altitude is no easy feat. I forget how much that silly altitude can impact my endurance! The weather was perfect – I really enjoyed consistent sunshine and warm temperatures.

While there, I had the chance to walk Sloan’s Lake. When I lived in Denver for a hot minute, I ran around this lake on almost a daily basis since I lived just a block away. While those Colorado folk may call it a lake, to me, it’s a small pond. I couldn’t believe it when I saw people skiing on it – it’s so little! But, it sure is beautiful.

c sloans
c sloans 2

During our first day walking, Allie and I grabbed lunch at the Cherry Cricket in Cherry Creek. If you’re ever in Denver and you’re looking for a great burger, check it out. You essentially build your own burger (white cheddar, fried egg, and jalapenos for this girl!) and you can get frings as a side (yep, that would be onion rings and fries!). It was one of my two requests while in Denver. You aren’t surprised it was food, right?

c cherry cricket

For dinner that night we had yogurt. No shame. Denver was the first place I experienced those mix-and-match yogurt places. Allie may be the only person I know that I feel shameless eating ice cream for dinner with.

c yogurt

My last request for Denver was a sushi date at Japon. Is anyone really surprised that BOTH of my requests ended up being food-related? Sigh. Anyway, Japon has the best sushi roll I have ever had. EVER. It’s called the California Dynamite Roll. I’ve had them elsewhere, but none of them touch this bad boy.

Don't worry, this wasn't all for me!

Don’t worry, this wasn’t all for me!

So, the last few days of my vacation were incredibly relaxing, which was nice considering the first half of my trip was go-go-go. I got a lot of walking in, a few glasses of wine, great food, and quality time with one of my best friends.

Back home, sweet home

Back home, sweet home




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