ABCs of What The Efff

Whoa.  Post-vacation is kicking my butt.  I needed a filler-post.  Sorry.  I still think it’s pretty fun, though.  Thanks, Kim for the idea!

Here is a little bit more about this blog and the gal behind it!

A. Attached or Single?
Happily attached for about 10 months now. Hi, hubby!


B. Best Friend?
I’m very much a quality over quantity person. I’ve never had a ton of friends, mostly acquaintances. But, the people I do call my friends are the best there are. They each fulfill something very specific for me. I’m eternally grateful for each of them.


C. Cake or pie?
Cake! The only pie exception I make is pumpkin pie. And then I don’t eat the pie crust. Gross. Unless its graham cracker.

D. Day of choice?
Saturday. Friday I’m tired from the week. Sunday, I’m dreading going back to work. The rest of the weekdays I’m über busy working and it tires me out!

E. Essential item?
Cell phone. It might as well be an extension of my body.

F. Favorite color?
I don’t have one. It honestly varies year-to-year and based on my mood.

G. Gummy bears or worms?
Worms! Specifically the sour gummy worms! Even more specifically, the Troll brand. YUM. Sometimes they make my teeth hurt, but it’s worth it (and probably not normal?).

H. Hometown?
Milton, Wisco, baby! Small town, Wisconsin girl!

I. Favorite indulgence?
Anything sweet. Anything. My sweet tooth will be the death of me.

J.  January or July?
January. NO question. I HATE being hot. Living in Tennessee was a special kind of hell for me in the summer months. I am a crabby B when I’m too hot.


K. Kids?
None yet. Someday? Maybe?

L. Life isn’t complete without…?
My furbabies. They can always turn my day around. They make me mad. They chew things. They throw up. But, man. When I need a serious pick-me-up – I can count on them!

Cuddle Buddies

M. Movie favorite?
If you read my latest Sunday Social, you know that McClintock! is my favorite all-time movie. Mostly because of the memories I associate with it. But, comedies and romantic comedies are my favorite now. And I typically don’t enjoy any “based on true events” sports films. They all end the same.

N. Number of siblings?
One wittle seester. She’s pretty neat. Love you, Kels!


O. Oranges or apples?
Apples. The weird skin stuff on oranges freaks me out. Not the orange part, but the white stuff on the inside. It’s bitter. And nasty.

P. Phobias?
I don’t think I have a legit phobia. But I get really uncomfortable in elevators and at heights. Flying in airplanes doesn’t bother me for the height reason, strangely. But, stick me in a fire tower and I WILL have a mild panic attack.

R. Reasons to smile?
My husband. Family. Friends. Furbabies. Food.

S. Season of choice?
Fall. It’s cool. Not humid. But, not frigid. Perfection.


T. TV show?
King of Queens. No doubt. Love me some Kevin James.

U. Unknown fact?
Maybe it isn’t unknown, but it’s unique – my hair is naturally curly. I’d prefer it if you didn’t touch it. Or play with it. Please.

V. Vegetable?
I don’t love vegetables. I like asparagus. I hate carrots. Unless they’re cooked. Oh, oh, oh, but I HATE celery. No matter how it’s prepared.

W. Worst habit?
Biting my fingernails. It’s awful. I do it from boredom, anxiety, nervousness. Pretty much any reason you could think of. Definitely wish I didn’t.

X. Xray or Ultrasound?
Neither? Any time I’ve had either of them were not for happy reasons. My life is better without either of them.

Y. Your favorite food?
Mashed potatoes. And anything sweet.

Z. Zodiac Sign
Pieces. I’m not really into that kind of stuff, though.




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