How My Dog Sees Me

After posting my Silent Saturday photo I realized today is not Saturday. Whoops. Vacation can do that to you I guess!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had sent in an application to be an official Yellow Dog Volunteer. Late last week I got an email from them saying, “Welcome to our team!” I’m pumped. Once things calm down a wee bit I’m excited to get out in my community and help raise awareness.

More often than not, I’ve been using my Fridays to post about furballs. Recently, I saw this cartoon from The Oatmeal.


That cartoon was promptly followed by this one:


How many of you find a scary amount of truth to these!? I know I did! Especially the nose being for decorative use only and the salt-flavored meatpoles. Myles has allergies and often obsessively licks his paws. Over the last couple years this has transitioned into obsessive licking of my legs and feet. Gross, right? If you want him to stop you have to physically get up and move, because if you just move them under you or away from him, he sniffs them out. Strange dog.

As an update to Myles’ and Rudy’s vacation – apparently Rudy has eaten about half of the plastic bottom to his kennel. He has never ever done this when he is kenneled at home. But, when he stayed with our friends for a weekend he started chewing it and now with Craig’s parents has apparently gone nuts on it. They obviously are not letting him continue with it, but does anyone have any ideas? He has a nylabone and peanut butter bone available to him. Is it nerves? Is he just mad for being left by “mom and dad?”

Myles has also cured my in-laws problem of the roaming neighborhood dogs. I guess the neighbor has two mini schnauzers that he lets roam around off leash. I’m not sure why this guy thinks mini schnauzers are safe on the road or in the woods unsupervised, but it’s none of my business. However, these dogs poop in everyone’s yard. He’s been talked to, but it hasn’t stopped. Well, the two pups have come by the house to find Myles barking and jumping at them*. They got scared and ran away. My MIL thinks that the neighbor heard Myles and is afraid of something happening to his dogs. Myles also scared a deer out of my MIL’s garden. Two points for guard-dog Myles! Negative 5 points for hungry-hippo Rudy.

*Just so y’all don’t think Myles is totally insane, I’ll share this: Myles and Rudy happened to meet one of the pups when we were down at the river last weekend. They got along just fine. So, I don’t think Myles wanted to hurt the little guy, he was just asking why he was coming around and then asking “grandma” if he could go play. 🙂



  1. Salt flavored meatpoles…..classic! Brees is relentless about licking my legs, so this especially rings true.
    Sounds like Rudy is probably exacting his revenge for you all leaving him. Is there an extra special treat they can leave for him, like maybe a frozen Kong stuffed with peanut butter?


    1. Oh yes. Peanut butter kongs, nylabones, water…we leave him with what he needs. I think my inlaws replaced it with a metal bottomed kennel.

      I have tried freezing the kong though, that’s a great idea!


  2. bahahahaha..there is literally not one thing wrong about this. only i think something about the dog using half the space on the bed/couch, when they are in fact 1/3 the size should be added.



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