Just Keep Swimming!

I’m back again with Oh What A Happy Day.  Thanks to Holly at Not Done Growing for hosting!  As Holly says, It’s “time to celebrate what is giving us JOY and making us HAPPY this week. It is so easy to get bogged down and lost in the negative. Let’s take a moment and celebrate the positive.”


If you happened to catch my latest Sunday Social, you know that this is one of my most favorite movie quotes.

Ironically, I think it perfectly describes Craig and me regarding our recent journey through first-time home buying.  When we got that first appraisal back, we both were so down.  Everything was supposed to be “easy,” and it was a huge reality check for us.  But, we pushed on (we kept swimmin’, guys!) and we found success.

I’ve experienced first hand now what Dory kept preaching to Marlin.  When life gets you down – just keep going.  You won’t find success or happiness by dwelling in self-pity or worry!

Oh Happy Day




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