A Tourist in My Own Town

I am absolutely loving having a southern drawl in my home.  LOVING it.  I have missed Jo so much.  Yesterday, I had the day off of work, so I was finally able to see some of the “touristy” things in Milwaukee.  I didn’t grow up in the area, so most of it is quite foreign to me.  I know how to get to work and that is about it!

We started our morning after a Starbucks pit stop (apparently, we are all equally addicted to Iced Chai Tea Lattes).  From there, we headed right downtown for some shopping.  The Third Ward is an area that is “up and coming” and has a lot of fun boutiques and restaurants.  I found a really cute jumper to hopefully wear this weekend to the wedding in Colorado, as well as a way over due birthday gift for Miss Allie.

Jo also found a fireman to say hello to.  (Yes, she is sitting on that poor little dog)

jo fireman

After shop, shop, shopping, we grabbed lunch.  Check out this Bloody Mary.  If this doesn’t scream Wisconsin, I don’t know what would.

jo bloody mary

It was amazing!  It was a “Stinking Rose” bloody and was made with garlic-infused vodka.  Probably the most incredible Bloody Mary I’ve ever had.

I got a “Rocket” salad, that was only okay and  a tad overpriced, however, I was still quite happy sitting on their roof enjoying my lunch with Jo.

jo lunch

Danielle had heard about the Milwaukee Cupcake Factory (I’ve never heard of it), so after lunch we ventured to find it.  Except when we got there we saw that it was only open Tuesday-Sunday.  SAY WHAT.

jo cupcake

They are coming to campus this afternoon to get lunch with me, so we are planning on tracking it down again.  I can’t fight the urge for a good cupcake!

After that disappointment, we headed to Lakefront Brewery for a tour.  Our tour guide was hilarious.  Any tour full of sexual innuendos is top in my book.  I’m not sure I’d find beer very interesting otherwise.

jo brewery

The photo bomb there in the back?  That’s Dylan, the tour guide.  Hey Dylan.  Lakefront is celebrating their 25th Anniversary.  They’re releasing a new beer each quarter to celebrate – keep an eye out for it!  They have an apricot beer for the first quarter and ready to release a pumpkin beer for the second.  Their beer is sold in 23 states – so if you can track it down I recommend giving them a try.  The Wisconsinite is my favorite!

After plenty of beer (and a couple drunk southern girls that can’t hold their liquor like this Wisco girl can), we headed back into downtown for dinner.  We decided to try The Safehouse.  It’s AWESOME.

They door is unmarked and you need a password to get in.  If you don’t know the password, you have to do something totally ridiculous and embarrassing to gain entry.  …and everyone inside the restaurant can see you on camera doing it.

It’s an awesome place, totally decked out to be spy-worthy.  My cheeseburger was delicious, though I was starving after not enjoying my lunch and having some beer in me!  To get out, you are given clues to find the exit.  “A good spy never leaves the way he enters.”  As we wandered around trying to make sense of the clues (“how many higher ed professionals does it take to find their way out of a restaurant?”) we found all sorts of hidden rooms.  The restaurant is HUGE.  Much larger than one would think.

jo safehouse

We finally found the telephone booth and found our way out through this creepy passage.

jo safehouse exit

It was awesome.  Definitely a place I will take new visitors.

Our final stop was Lake Michigan.  We were there just long enough to get a picture, because my southern gals were freezing.  I, on the other hand, was perfectly comfortable in my sleeveless dress.  They’d never survive a hardcore Wisco winter!

jo lake

They’re headed to campus to have lunch with me today and get a campus tour.  And, like I said, we hope to track down some cupcakes!



  1. That restaurant sounds AWESOME! I’d love to go there. *note to self*

    Looks like y’all had a blast. Can’t wait to see how the cupcake place goes. I work near some famous DC cupcake places and haven’t had any. Guess I’m too partial to my own. 🙂


  2. i recognize that bloody mary anywhere!!! cafe benelux right?!?! i am a bloody mary snob and their’s are literally to die for!!! also, milwaukee cupcake is definitely worth the visit! i got the chocolate peanut butter one. gasms in my mouth for real. haha. you make me miss mke so much!! are you hitting summerfest at all by chance?!


    1. Ding, ding, ding! That was one of the best bloody’s I’ve ever had. AMAZing. I ended up getting a red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, and smores cupcake. Only got through the red velvet so far. So good! No Summerfest for me this year 😦 Plenty of people I’d love to see, but with work and visitors and vacation, it just wasn’t happening this year!



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