Myles and Rudy Go On Vacation

Happy Monday!

This is a very happy Monday for me, indeed. My dear friend from Tennessee has made the trek to spend a few days with me here in Wisconsin. She arrived yesterday around dinner time and it’s been so much fun catching up. I can’t wait to post about everything that we have planned!

I had originally thought she was arriving Saturday, but when I found out it was Sunday, I decided to tag-a-long with Craig up north to drop the dogs off with his parents. Shout out to my in-laws! Craig and I waited far too long to find a home for them over our vacation and couldn’t find a safe, clean, reasonably priced place to let them stay, so we asked them and they agreed to watch the boys.

We left Friday after work and got there around 8:30. Needless to say, I was exhausted after a full day of work and long drive, so I hit the hay pretty early.

Saturday was so much fun! Not only was the weather absolutely perfect, Rudy got to try his hand at swimming. It took a little coaxing to get him into the water at first, but once he was in, he really enjoyed splashing, swimming, and drinking (ew). Myles was a little bit of a party-pooper. He is such a diva. Seriously. For being a herding dog, he is certainly meant for the indoors. He doesn’t like being wet or dirty, and when the flies come around the has a meltdown.

Here is our Saturday in pictures.

deck CollageThe boys sat and enjoyed the outdoors while we drank our coffee.

rudy deck CollageRudy became increasingly intrigued by the noises and smells of the woods.  We had to create a makeshift gate so keep him from running away!  Also, I will not be surprised if his head gets stuck at some point over the next 10 days.

After breakfast, we headed down to the river.  Where Rudy got his first swimming lesson.

rudy swim CollageA little unsure at first, we may or may not have ultimately just shoved him in.

p myles sitMyles having no part of the water.

rudy swim 2 CollageRudy getting more and more confident.  Splashing around and exploring.

p myles joMyles.

p rudy dockRudy curious about the boats speeding by.

p myles layRudy exploring more and Myles just so “over” the outdoors.  He’s ready to go.

p myles dockI finally drug Myles down the end of the deck to snap a photo.  However, that was the extent of his “outdoorsiness.”

I was so sad to leave them behind, but I know they are going to have a blast.  Thank you Dennis and Jo Anne for watching the granddogs! I know it’s going to be tough getting them to leave!



  1. LOL @ Myles. Mine doesn’t swim either. She’ll chase to her heart’s content up and down the shore, but she’s too top heavy to swim. She gets in where her little legs don’t reach and she panics!!

    She was funny at the lake. It was a large one that had “waves” which she would prompty try to eat. It was funny!!

    Glad ya found a place for the pups! I know what you mean about being sad to leave ’em behind. I hate it, even though we KNOW Dad and R love to watch her.

    HAVE FUN!!



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