Thursday Thoughts

pewaukee sunset:Thank goodness I have views like this on a regular basis.  Otherwise with the stress of life lately, I might smack somebody.

:As an update, nothing has been resolved with our appraisal.  We have our documentation, as well as our agents, over to the lender now.  We are waiting to hear if the lender decides to “fire” the appraiser (yessss!!!!) or give him the opportunity to adjust his initial appraisal (noooo!!!).  I think we have a strong case for him to be fired.  But, who the heck knows.  Tell you what though, this kid needs the stress to go away because the humidity is already making is impossible to sleep.

bluemoon: These also make my heart a little happier.  Blue Moon shake.  I couldn’t just get it in a dish, like I wanted, but that’s okay.  Having it this way meant rainbow sprinkles!

: Chicken Potato Whipped Feta salad.  ohmygosh.  Where can I show up to eat this?

: If you haven’t checked out my guest post at Racing Bananas for Blueberry Muffins, you should.  And then look at these Fluffy Lemon Blueberry Biscuits.  Maybe Kim will have me back to talk about my experience with these little blueberry beauties.

brewer Collage: Tuesday night Craig and I ventured to Miller Park to watch the Brewers beat up the Cubs.  It barely sprinkled, but look at the pretty rainbow!  It was double for a little bit, but I couldn’t get it to show up in pictures.  You can see that the roof was closed pre-game, but the opened it when the game started.  Also, look at our seats.  Look how close I am to my future husband, Lucroy.  Dreamy. Ahem, I mean…he’s okay.  Yeah, he’s okay.  Love you, Craig.

: I’ve remained a failure and not run since last Friday.  But good lord, this humidity makes it miserable just to walk outside, much less run.

: Does everyone agree that Kardashian shouldn’t have named the kid “North?”  Mama Jenner is trying to justify that, saying they didn’t do it as a play on words, but COME ON.  Yes, they did.  And the child will be in therapy.

: Did Kim Kardashian really just make my blog?  What is this world coming to?  My mom probably understands.  Her and Renee are tight.  Right, mom?

Thursday Thoughts




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