I’m back again with Oh What A Happy Day.  Thanks to Holly at Not Done Growing for hosting! There doesn’t seem to be any hard-core guidelines, but based on the title I am going to take my own spin on it. As Holly says, It’s “time to celebrate what is giving us JOY and making us HAPPY this week. It is so easy to get bogged down and lost in the negative. Let’s take a moment and celebrate the positive.”


Can I have someone come stand behind me and just repeat that over and over and over.  ….and over.  ……….and over?  Okay, I’m done.

But, seriously.  With this appraisal problem coming out of the blue, I’ve done a lot of worrying.  What if we don’t get the house?  Then what if we don’t find a place to be moved into by the end of August? etc, etc

So, I’m taking pause to, first of all, remind myself that no matter how much thinking or worrying I do about it, it will not change the outcome.  And secondly, I have so many other things that have fallen into place, that I really shouldn’t be complaining.

  • Craig worked hard to find a position back here in Wisconsin so that I had a chance at a career.  He isn’t a big risk-taker so leaving his company for a job in a place where cost of living was higher and his wife didn’t have a job was really scary for him.  I, on the other hand, have now moved THREE times with no job lined up and it’s worked out.  So, I was all good.  (Though worried for his sanity.  Poor guy.  He married a crazy girl).
  • Once we found out he got the job, we started looking for a rental.  Thanks to our good friends, Tom and Lindsey, and the magic of internet and scanners, we had a lease signed within days.  AND IT WAS A HOUSE.  I was insistent that I didn’t want to live in another apartment.  I wanted my own four walls and that is exactly what we got.
  • By the time we pulled out of Tennessee on Thursday, I had an interview lined up Friday.  Tired and emotionally drained, I went in for my only interview, despite a number of applications and resumes being sent out.  Within fifteen minutes of leaving my interview, I got a phone call, offering me the job.  WOW.  I had landed a job less than 24 hours after being back.  Now, I had no doubt that Craig and I were back, exactly where we belonged.

Being back also means we are closer to our dear friends and family.  I’m very close with my grandmother and I love that she is just an hour drive away.  I love that for the first time in five years, my sister and I are living in the same state.  And I love that I’ve been able to get to know Craig’s extended family, especially Grandma Joyce, John, and Denise.

The emotional support from Grandma Joyce has been incredibly important to Craig and me since we before we got married.  I just love spending time with that woman.  John and Denise opened their home to us (and the dogs) for two weeks when we moved back.  There was a gap between moving and getting into our rental.  Between home-cooked dinners each night, patience with the dogs, and not throwing us out after Rudy exploded all over their carpet, I’m convinced these are two of the kindest, “do-anything-for-you” people.

And I can’t forget Kim.  Being back means that our relationship has gotten so much stronger.  I feel so close to her and I’m thankful she has been on the other end of the phone when I need someone to vent to.  It’s been really fun starting our blogs together, too.  And, really, I just love a girl who loves her margaritas.  Kim is the best Mexican dinner date everrr.

So, even though things are a little nuts right now and there is a chance we might not get our “dream” starter home, I have to remember everything else that has come to Craig and me in the past six months.  We both have great jobs and we’ve both never been happier being surrounded by our friends and family.



    1. Ooooooh stop it now. Consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to listen to me complain all day, chatting away at the computer 🙂 You know I love you. Let me shout it from the rooftops 😉


  1. Awwwwwwww, first what a great post with a good message. You’re right. And I’m going to try to not worry so much today. Try being the word here 🙂

    And I completely agree! I feel like we’ve become even closer (if that’s possible) since you’ve moved back! I love that you’re just an hour away and I can see you at least once a month! And our gchats all day make going to work much more bearable. Love you buddy!


  2. You have to this happy day party down pat! I love the quote, I come from a long line of worry warts, so it is something that I tell myself, my mother, and my grandmother all the time!

    Thank you for spreading JOY and sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing



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