Blueberry Muffins and Racing Bananas!

Happy Tuesday!

This week is definitely the calm before the storm. I have so many things to look forward to next week – my friend Jo is coming to town from Tennessee! She was sweet enough to make the trip for my wedding, but she didn’t get to see much of Wisconsin. I’m really excited to get her for an extended stay and show her around the Milwaukee area. I think Summerfest is at the top of my list. It typically draws a younger crowd, but it IS the largest music festival in the world, so I think she definitely needs to experience it!


Jo is here until Wednesday and then Craig and I head out to Colorado on Thursday for a wedding. Bonus: family time! My parents are in Colorado doing a road trip and I’m thrilled that our dates are overlapping. I also get to spend time with my Aunt Amy and my young cousins.

I’m a little bit ahead of myself – but I just can’t help how excited I’m getting. This is our ‘big’ trip for the summer. It’s awesome I get to tack Jo onto that excitement. I also love that it’s taking my mind off of getting suuuper anxious for getting into our new home. TWO MONTHS TO GO! I clearly wrote this portion before getting news of our appraisal.  So now I will change it to say “I also love that it’s taking my mind off of the stress that come along with not knowing if we can still purchase our new home.”

Anyhow. Today, I’m over at Kim’s blog, Racing Bananas, sharing one of my favorite recipes, blueberry muffins. Sure, blueberry muffins might not sound super exciting, but trust me, they are. They are quite exciting. And delicious.

Tomorrow, Kim will be here sharing how she stays motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. Tips I definitely need as I struggle to get back into the groove of things. I haven’t run since Friday. But, honestly – it’s been so humid, I might drown if I tried to run. (Excuse? or legit?)



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