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Wendesday linkup

I’ve found another great link up to take part in! Holly over at Not Done Growing hosts a link up every Wednesday called, Oh What A Happy Day. There doesn’t seem to be any hard core guidelines, but based on the title I am going to take my own spin on it. As Holly says, It’s “time to celebrate what is giving us JOY and making us HAPPY this week. It is so easy to get bogged down and lost in the negative. Let’s take a moment and celebrate the positive.”

So, I’m going to start sharing things that make me happy and/or give me inspiration. This week, I’m sharing my most favorite quote of all time. That’s saying a lot. Maybe I should say, of all time…until now.

Eleanor||background via||

This quote has gotten me through some pretty hostile situations. While living and working in Tennessee, I had the great pleasure of working for an even greater man, D. Unfortunately, shortly after I started, he was reassigned. The woman who stepped into his role was nothing short of a nightmare. Fortunately, D remained a very close mentor and confidant for many of us in our office. He reminded me of this quote on a regular basis. His unwavering support is one of the biggest reasons why I didn’t totally go off the deep end. D is one of those people that one can only wish to meet during the course of their professional career; I was lucky enough to meet him very early on. I have learned (and continue to learn) so much about professionalism, standing for what I believe in, compassion, and friendship from him.

While I’ll never go so far to say that Tennessee was a bright spot in my life – anyone who knows me can attest to the fact it was quite a dark time for me – I am thankful for the sunshine that D brought. I left Tennessee with a couple “once-in-a-lifetime” friends, and I’m grateful to say he is one of them.

This isn’t supposed to bring anyone down or make anyone feel sorry for me (re-reading this I feel that way a bit!). But rather, when the going gets tough, look around. When things get dark you will find friendship and comfort in places you might not expect it. And secondly, don’t let anyone let you feel inferior. As my grandpa Wally used to always tell my mom…and my mom would tell me, “You are no better than anyone else, but no one is better than you.”

love jessi



  1. Awesome quote! One we need to remember but is so easy to forget! I’m stopping by from the Oh What a happy day party & glad I did, this gave me some great inspiration this morning! Love your blog name- following you on bloglovin!


  2. I learned that lesson the hard way, too. I am quick to remind myself that only *I* can allow myself to “feel” emotions. No one can make me “feel” things, only I can do that. Some people have difficulty grasping that concept.

    And that IS a good linky party. 🙂



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