Exhale – Finally a Relaxing Weekend

I didn’t even know what to do with myself. We literally had nothing to do this weekend. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. I’m not sure that has happened since January. I had wanted it so badly, but then sitting on the couch Saturday night, I was actually bored. Hmpf. Never happy, eh?

Friday night we went out for a fish fry with our friends Tom and Lindsey. I reeeally missed a good ‘ole fish fry when we lived out-of-state, but since we’ve been back, we haven’t really found a good one. My absolute favorite is The Fireside Theatre in Fort Atkinson, but that’s a bit of a haul for us. After dinner, Craig and I did a drive-by of our almost-home. It’s pretty exciting to see the “Purchase Pending” sign in front. Is it July yet!?

Speaking of new home, I’m already amped about decorating a new place. Financially, we can’t waltz in and just buy whatever we would like. And honestly, with all of the DIY on Pinterest and the blogs I follow, I am totally okay with finding something second-hand and refinishing it. Top of my wish list is a dining room table. Craig and I both have one from our single lives, but they scream, “I’m single” and “I’m single in college.” So, with that in mind, I’ve been anxious to get out to find something. Craig and I spent Saturday afternoon looking around rummage sales and area second-hand stores. We came up empty-handed, but I still enjoyed spending time with Craig doing something for us, instead of running in every different direction to spend time with other people. Don’t give me wrong, I’m happy that I have so many great people to keep us busy, but it was a nice change of pace!

farmers market

Saturday , in the midst of rummaging, we also stumbled upon the are Farmer’s Market. We found it just as they were starting to tear down. Which is a little fortunate, because after talking with Lindsey about it, it can apparently be quite the zoo, and I was not mentally prepared to deal with a zoo! But, it’s in a beautiful location. We plan on returning to better enjoy it (when I’m mentally prepared for it)!

sample saturday

Saturday also ended up being what I’m calling “Sample Saturday.” I had signed up for all of these free (or very cheap!) boxes and they all came on the same day! I loved the Target box. It was $5 and I’m excited to try everything in it. I tried the BB Creme this morning – IN LOVE! Has anyone else tried this stuff!? It’s much cheaper than the stuff I’m currently using and just so long as it doesn’t make my skin freak out, I think I have found a new product! The Detox Caps are something I won in a blog giveaway (my first ever!!!), thanks Kellie! I haven’t tried them yet – but how neat and convenient – put them on a water bottle, pop the top down and there you have it. I wasn’t as excited about the contents of my Bulu Box. My friend, Kim, had tried one and I was digging what she got in her box. Unfortunately, mine wasn’t quite as exciting – I’m not sure I will use most of it, but I’m keeping it around just in case!

beach 2

Sunday, ended up being awesome. Craig and I joined Tom and Lindsey on the beach near our home. I am in love with this area. I’m a little sad to be moving away from this in a short few months, but like Craig assured me, it’s still a very driveable distance from where we will be. The area reminds me of a board walk – cute store fronts, awesome beach. It was a super relaxing way to enjoy Sunday.

love jessi



  1. first of all..tell me about the target box and how to sign up šŸ™‚ second. .. I stop into resales and antique shops because there is a specific old table I have been in search of for a few years now. so if I see one sometime you might be interested in I will let you know! šŸ˜‰


    1. I’ll have to track down the Target info again, but when I do, I will surely send it your way! And yeah, keep your eyes open for us! I’d love one that seats 6. And I’d love one even more if one side was a bench šŸ™‚



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