Silent Saturday

I first started blogging with the intention of only posting Monday – Friday.  Then I found Sunday Social with Neely and I got hooked.  I started looking around at other link ups and found Oh, What A Happy Day.  That’s a Wednesday link up.  I also found Wordless Wednesdays on a few blogs and I thought that was super neat, too!  Well, since I’m already planning on linking to Oh, What A Happy Day and doing a regular post, I figured I shouldn’t inundate you (or wear myself too thin!).  Instead, I’m going to start posting on Saturdays, calling it “Silent Saturdays.” Just a picture that captures some part of my day or week.

An easy way for you all to hear from me all.week.long.  Hopefully you weren’t using the weekends as a reprieve from my ramblings about things you probably don’t care about!  Obviously, this Saturday isn’t actually “silent,” but, I’m going to get going with it anyway.  Shhh…

“Making Progress”

home inspection



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