Volunteer with The Yellow Dog Project

Hello and happy Friday! Nothing overly exciting on my front. Unless you count the recovery from a 3 hour dentist appointment as exciting. Yep. I went for a filling, was there for 3 hours and at the end was told I needed to come back so they could re-do it. Granted, I should’ve expected something like that to happen – it was filled by a dental student. Super nice guy, but he was definitely nervous. Afterward I asked how many he has done and I am only his second, but the first with the amalgam material. I was a guinea pig. He was super gentle and I stayed numb the whole time, so my anxiety wasn’t awful. I certainly made him anxious though, I couldn’t help but jump a few times in anticipation of pain.


If you’ve followed me for a bit, you’re familiar with The Yellow Dog Project. If you haven’t seen those posts you can catch up here and here. Having a dog that can be leash aggressive, this movement really hit close to home for me. Well, they have made huge strides! They’ve totally redone their website. I can’t say it super easy to navigate, it’s a little cumbersome, but I suppose it gets the job done.

The most exciting part of it is that they have added information on how to volunteer. I’ve already submitted my application! You might remember that I was going to volunteer at a local animal shelter. Well, the thing is, I wanted to bring home every.single.dog. It lead to many a heated arguments with Craig and we ultimately decided maybe the shelter wasn’t the best place for me. I love dogs so much. And even though it made me happy knowing that many of them found homes, there were one or two that have been there for far too long. It broke my heart.

I mean, just in case I didn’t have enough going on, I thought I still needed to find a volunteer opportunity. I’ve tested the waters with adult tutoring (the schedule wasn’t flexible enough) and then the animal shelter (emotionally, I just couldn’t do it!). Maybe this will be the perfect match! I don’t want to do something just for the sake of doing it, I want to enjoy it and truly believe in what I’m doing.

For more information about The Yellow Dog Project, check out their website or their Facebook page. From there, you can see all of the different ways to keep up with their happenings.

Myles, a Yellow Ribbon dog

Myles, a Yellow Ribbon dog



  1. My family fosters dogs for a rescue organization and we have SUCH a hard time giving them up sometimes!! This sounds like a great group though, I love dogs 🙂


    1. Oh my gosh – I would LOVE to do that, however, I’m sure I would never ever give them up. Craig would go crazy!!! What sort of dogs does your family foster? Is it a rescue group for a specific breed?



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