Remember When I Said Last Weekend Was Nuts? i lied.

Well, okay, last weekend WAS nuts.  I mean, we bought a house for cryin’ out loud!  But, this weekend had me chasing my tail.  It’s been SO busy.

Snoopy and Woodstock at MSP

Snoopy and Woodstock at MSP

Friday was great, but super long. I headed to St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul for my first professional conference. If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now, I love my job. The best part about it has been the mentorship I’ve received. My boss and my boss’ boss are incredible. They have taken an active role in my professional development. They aren’t worried about me moving on someday, they want me to move on. Anyway. Part of their excellence has been in listening to me when I say I want the opportunity to gain some professional networking experience through conferences. Despite budget crunches, they’ve already made it happen. I’ve been there for 5 months. And already they’ve sent me to a conference for the Midwestern Association for Graduate Admission Professionals (MAGAP).

Friday, I was up bright and early and headed to the airport. I flew to Minneapolis and made it to St. Kate’s with no problems (except I’m pretty sure the cabbie screwed me by taking the most indirect way possible).

How beautiful is this campus?

stkate Collage

Really beautiful.

I had some extra time before the sessions started to wander around. Despite the fact the weather was predicted to be around 70 degrees, I’m pretty sure it was barely 55. I sure wish I had a jacket!

Friday’s sessions were centered around diversity in Graduate Admissions. I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy it – I mean, I feel like everyone and their mother has been talking about diversity lately. However, the keynote speaker was incredible. She gave me so many new perspectives and ideas. I’m excited to get to work tomorrow and share with my director some of the things I’ve learned.

I also really enjoyed getting to know some of the other professionals in the region. I met some great people, especially from Chicago and Cincinnati. Just nice people. I’ve noticed that about higher education – people just have your back. And it’s nothing to call upon an acquaintance for professional guidance or opinions. Sure, there is politics in everything, but I’ve found very little when dealing with peers from other institutions.

Lunch was awesome (lots of food on a stick!). Dessert LOOKED and sounded amazing, but it was disappointing.


Salted Nut Roll Cheesecake Squares and Apple Salsa with Lefsa Chips. Sounds pretty amazing, right? It wasn’t. Sad day.

After the conference, I hitched a ride to the airport, which is when I decided the cabbie screwed me. Oh well. There were three of us that headed back together. You wouldn’t believe the issues we had navigating that airport. “How many higher education professionals does it take to find the tram and Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport?” It was pitiful. After a slight delay, I made it home.

I’m going to take this opportunity to also talk about how ridiculous I think the TSA is. Friday morning, I was stopped and given a body search, as well as searched for explosives. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve gotten through airport security without some sort of extra search. I’m a pretty seasoned traveler, so trust when I say that I’m typically pretty careful about what I wear and what is in my bags. Funny thing is, on the way home (with the same clothing on and extra liquids in my bag), I walked right through. Hm. It helped solidify the fact I think their searches are random. Just a hassle. More of an illusion of safety than anything else.


Saturday morning, Craig and I left bright and early to head to Green Bay to run in the Bellin Run 10K with his family. I learned that you reeeally shouldn’t go run 6 miles without training first. Craig and I are hurtin’ units. Like, I feel worse after this race than I have after any of my half marathons. But, I trained for those half marathons. Lordy. It really is a kick in the behind to get back in shape.

bellin run

When we got home we both slept for about three hours. We made a quick trip to Menard’s for some cleaning supplies and found this bad boy:


Craig wouldn’t let me have it. What a jerk.

Sunday, the landlords had an open house to try to rent our house out. Surprisingly, they’ve taken full responsibility for finding someone to take over our lease. I’ve offered numerous times, but she said she just preferred to do it herself. We are also going to get our security deposit back, pending a final walk through for damages. What? Craig and I fully expected to lose it, but we certainly aren’t going to argue!  She received 4 applications, so fingers crossed that something comes of one of them!

Sunday afternoon, we went out on the lake with our friends, Tom and Lindsey.  They have a tiny, little, old boat and we were definitely getting a lot of attention.  We all got a bit wet because the lake was rough, but I loved just being out on the water.  Some of my most favorite childhood memories are boating with my parents – tubing, “bouncing,” playing Barbies, and being tied to the boat while we swam.

I also spent Sunday doing some last-minute cramming for the LSAT. I have a vendetta against standardized testing, so I’m not so sure I’m as prepared as I should be. I guess we will see how it turns out. Today, I’m headed to UW-Rock County in Janesville to check that fun little project off of my application. It’s the last item, so hopefully I will hear sooner rather than later if I’ve been accepted! Wish me luck!



    1. Yeah! It is by far the most organized race that I’ve done. I’ve done some Rock ‘n Roll ones that were awful. I was pleasantly surprised by Bellin! Maybe we will run in to eachother next year 🙂


  1. Good luck on the LSAT! So many of my friends are just getting out of law school now and studying for the bar exam — I definitely feel for you!

    And you probably ran a whole lot better not training for that 10K than I could right now, so, you go, girl!!


    1. Thanks, Ashley! It was a rough one, that’s for sure! Thankfully, if I’m accepted and graduate here in Wisco, I won’t have to take the bar! And honestly…then run ended up being more of a run/walk/limp/gimp. 🙂



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