Dog Rules

When I first met Craig, he was not a “dog” person.  Not in the least.  I come from an animal crazy family. Between dogs, barn cats, horses, buffalo – my family has loved on a variety of animals. Now, many people will have pets, but they’re not always considered “family.” Definitely our dogs and at times our horses, weren’t just pets, they were family. To say they were well taken care of would be the understatement of the century.

It should be no surprise that as soon as I possibly could, I added a doggie to my family. You can check out my story with Myles.

Needless to say, that entering a relationship with a dog-crazed woman was…well, interesting for Craig. Myles slept in my bed and I felt bad if Craig kicked him out. Myles sitting and staring at me while I ate (…begging) didn’t bother me, but it drove Craig insane. I’m happy to say that Craig has come to the dark side and is now just as avid a furball lover as I am. The dogs pretty much run our lives and I’m okay with that.

The dogs typically sleep with us. Two adults and two dogs in a Queen-sized bed has made for some interesting nights. It’s the price you pay to have a guaranteed snuggle buddy. Plus, in the cold Wisconsin winters, I’ll take all the extra body heat I can get! And so now I share with you a variety of “Dog Rules” I’ve come across over the years. Meant to be funny, but very, very true…

Rudy sheds a lot.  If you don't want to be covered in hair, I suggest you remain standing.Rudy sheds a lot. If you don’t want to be covered in hair, I suggest you remain standing.  (PS. I got this via text from Craig, I don’t have the original source, sorry!)

Both of the dogs make sure you remember this.  Their looks say it all...via

If you forget any of the above 10 items, the dog’s face will remind you.  Quickly.

Craig’s progression when it comes to boundaries:





buddies…Please not the numerous pictures with the dogs on couches or in beds.  They have won that battle against Craig.

And my most favorite words to live by:




  1. I love that you speak so honestly about (and promote) animal adoption. I’ve been a volunteer at our city shelter for 5 years now, and can’t imagine buying a dog from a breeder. It is such a reward to open your home to an animal that at one time faced uncertain death, despite challenges you might have to overcome. Love the story of Myles, and especially love your rules for non-dog owners. With 3 in our own home, there is no escaping!


    1. Thanks, Amy! I had the intentions of adopting regularly at a shelter in town, but it quickly turned into me begging to bring dog after dog home. I’m now trying to find something to do that won’t stress my husband out 😉 Though I will have to revisit the idea of adding just one more…I will tell him you have 3, so it has to be ok!


  2. HAHAHAHA!! i love all of these!! and they are sooo completely true for my dog!! good thing i’m lost without him otherwise i’d have to be a little bit more strict! haha.



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