Thursday Thoughts

– I’ve seen lots of cute things on both HauteLook and RueLaLa and I’ve finally found something reasonable enough to order! We are headed to a wedding in July and I thought this was perfect! I’m so excited to get it! If you want to sign up for an account with HauteLook, check them out!

wedding dress

– How do I know our water is nasty at our rental? :

water filter

– Now more than ever I am thankful for the organization habits I’ve learned from my mother. As we gather paperwork for our home, it’s nice knowing where to find everything: nice and neatly filed away, exactly where it should be!

Hey, family! I’ve finally found the courage to share my blog with my whole family (all, like, 5 of them!). Slowly but surely, I’m getting myself out there!

– Happy (insane) weekend to me. Friday, flying to AND from St. Paul, MN for a conference; Saturday headed to Green Bay for a 10K with Craig’s family; Sunday, cramming for the LSAT; Monday, LSAT. I need a breather!

– How flippin’ cute is this? I need one.

– I keep finding things I want to make for myself. I started with DIY Laundry Detergent and now I’ve found this shave cream. None of it is too hard, so there’s no excuse, right?

– I love sangria, but not if it’s super full of red wine. This White Sangria looks pretty delishhh!

– Before I met Rumchata, Malibu was always my go-to mixer. But these are so unappealing. I’d rather just think it’s a joke. It’s a joke right?




      1. it’s true!! rhode island for the summer! but i’m going to be a better blogger from now on. haha. a little hiatus was needed! hold the fort down in wisco for me until the fall!! 🙂



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