The Concrete Jungle

After my Foodie Penpal reveal last week from the Concrete Jungle, I thought it could be appropriate to share more about my own experience in New York City!

My memory is getting better as I’m getting a little bit older. I am so thankful for that, because I remember so little about my childhood and I was honestly afraid I would continue to lose precious memories. I know it isn’t totally out of the ordinary for people not to recall a plethora of childhood memories, but in my case, it’s close to zilch. Seriously. Maybe nowadays I’m being more conscious about taking in my surroundings because of that fear.

Copenhagen, 2010

Copenhagen, 2010

The summer of 2010, Kelsey and I did a trip together in Europe. Just the two of us. She was finishing up a study abroad experience in Spain and I was in-between semesters of graduate school. It was the time of my life. We visited Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Ireland. Wow. Such an incredible experience to have with my kid sister.

Well, since my days as a single lady were coming to an end, Kelsey and I both knew we needed to get at least one more trip in. I know that in the future we will be able to travel together, but as we both get older, get married, begin careers, think about starting our own families, we didn’t want to wait or say “some day,” because it’s unlikely we’ll ever have many trips just as sisters. As much as we both would have loved to go back to Europe, it just didn’t make sense financially. I had a big wedding coming up and she had recently left a job. So we chose the concrete jungle, New York City.


These little black shoes were my “comfortable” shoes that I took with on this trip. I knew we would be doing a ton of walking, but I wasn’t totally ready to give up on my “fashion” to be sporting a pair of Nike’s for the whole trip. Lesson learned. These shoes were AWFUL. They “matched” everything I brought, but I was so uncomfortable. I guess that is what I get for thinking a $20 pair of Target shoes are good for much outside of looks. Between the lack of support these shoes provided and their amazing ability to soak up water, I had a couple pretty miserable days. It rained a few days and these were my best option. They were sopping wet, heavy, and ultimately, stinky!

Kelsey ran into a similar problem with a pair of sandals she had brought with, so I didn’t feel like a complete idiot. Kelsey is pretty darn smart, so I feel much better about myself when she makes a similar mistake 😉

We spent an extended weekend exploring the city. We purchased a City Pass, which I would highly recommend to anyone traveling to an unfamiliar city. They don’t necessarily save you a TON of money, but for us, it really pushed us to stay busy and see as much as possible. We didn’t want to waste any of our money by foregoing a museum or exhibit. I think at the end of our weekend we missed maybe one of the museums, but that was okay. We saw NYC from the top of Empire State and Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, Ellis Island Ferry, Coney Island, Times Square, “Chicago” on Broadway, and of course I have to mention the subway as it’s own special experience. Here are some of my most favorite pictures from that trip:


It was such an incredible trip. Kelsey and I are definitely sisters in that we have our spats, but at the end of the day I love her to the moon and back. Despite the fact she is younger, she is an incredible role model for following your dreams, taking chances, and rolling with the punches. She is brilliant, beautiful, loving, kind, and courageous.

Times Square, Enjoying a world-famous Nathan's hot dog

Times Square, Enjoying a world-famous Nathan’s hot dog

You know the cliché you can hear time to time about family being your best friend…well in my case, it isn’t a cliché, it’s 100% true. Kelsey is and will always remain my best friend. We have been able to experience some of the highest highs and lowest lows together. Honestly, I get a little weepy thinking about how much her relationship means to me. Sighhh.

Statue of Liberty, Top of the Rock, Times Square (food cart!), Coney Island

Statue of Liberty, Top of the Rock, Times Square (food cart!), Coney Island

New York City is a place I would love to return to with Craig.  I think he would love all of the history.  Craig loves history and politics and you can find quite a bit of politics in the history – so yeah, it’s safe to say he’d enjoy it!  I loved Coney Island and Broadway and I wouldn’t argue if I got to relive those two places!



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