The Craziest Weekend Yet (and some easy alfredo)

It’s possible that this has been the most eventful weekend we’ve had since arriving back to Wisconsin. I don’t even know where to begin!

Friday started out with a bang! Our office decided to close about an hour and a half early. Nothing better than that! I headed home and decided to use up the bananas we’ve had around for about a week for some banana bread. I found an awesome recipe for peanut butter banana bread (sounds delicious, right?). Well, my Friday quickly lost it’s happy tone. Please see pictures for the obvious explanation. First picture is excitement (Yum, look at the special treat Craig will have to come home to!), second is shame (Ah crap, overfilled the loaf pan, should’ve thought to put a sheet under it to begin with), third is just embarrassment and defeat (no further explanation needed).

bread collage

Yep. It overflowed (my own stupidity) and it ended up caving in on itself. The outside was burning and the inside wouldn’t cook. Stupid oven. Thankfully, my weekend quickly turned back around.

Friday night, Craig received an email from our buyer’s agent with the list of homes we were scheduled to see Saturday morning. In there she included a 2 bedroom ranch (we wanted at least a 3 bedroom), but the pictures were gorgeous and we were open to seeing it, so we added it to the list. In all, we viewed 4 homes, including the one that had been our favorite via pictures. The house that we fell in love with already had 2 offers in on it, so if we wanted a chance, we needed to write an offer RIGHT NOW. We did. And…WE GOT IT. Holy cats. We’ve gone from waiting to look at homes for at least a year to an accepted offer in the matter of a month or so. No worries, we have done all of our homework and both Craig and I are confident that it was a good decision and we aren’t in over or heads…no where near. We are treading quite comfortably! Check out the latest post on my “House Hunt” page to find out which one we chose!

I had originally had a lunch date set up with my dear friend Laura. But, this whole writing an offer came up and I was running super behind. Thankfully, Laura, along with a few other of my close girlfriends, were patient and waited an hour and a half for me! I’m so happy they did! Laura asked me to stand in her wedding next year! YAY! I adore Laura and I couldn’t be more excited or honored to be asked to be part of her special day!

From there, I headed to my grandmother’s house. Because of the plans I had Sunday, it was closer for me to stay with her. We ended up staying up super late like a bunch of gossiping high schoolers, chatting with my Aunt Eileen. It’s always so wonderful to catch up with those two. Here are just a couple of the reasons I love these two women so much:


As seen posted in my grandma’s house

blog 2

Sunday morning, I headed to the Overture Centre in Madison to see Wicked! I had awesome dates, so it was a great time. My friend Kristina, her daughter, Story, and another of Kristina’s friends were in on the fun. Kristina has seen Wicked multiple times, but it was a first for me. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I was envisioning something dark and “scary,” when in fact it was quite lighthearted and very funny! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Waiting for the show to start

Waiting for the show to start

Sunday afternoon wasn’t nearly as exciting. Craig and I grabbed dinner at Riverfront Brewery to celebrate our accepted offer and….did our grocery shopping.

I leave you now with a super easy alfredo recipe from Peas & Crayons. DELICIOUS. And seriously easy. And there are a number of ways to add variety to the base recipe. Sometimes spaghetti and marinara gets old and boring, so this was an awesome way for Craig and I to change it up a little bit!


Easy Alfredo Sauce for Two

6 oz dry fettuccine noodles
1 c grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 c cream
1/2 c evaporated milk
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp dried parsley
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp salt
black pepper, to taste

Cook noodles as directed. While they are cooking, measure out the remaining ingredients. Once the noodles are al-dente and tender, remove the water [drain & strain!] and reduce heat to medium-low. Add the noodles back to the pot and pour in the remainder of the ingredients. Stir constantly with a fork until the sauce thickens [approx 5 minutes if you’re serving one and 5-10 minutes for larger batches]. *If you’re staring at a pot full of liquid for a few minutes there, don’t be alarmed. It will thicken by the end.* Serve piping hot and enjoy immediately!

Funny story about the cauliflower in that picture – I often use the steamer bags from the frozen food section. I think they taste pretty darn good! The night that I made this, Craig was in charge of the veggies. Well, he pops them in the microwave and when it’s time to eat I add a bunch to my noodles and sauce. Take a hearty bite andddd the cauliflower is still frozen. My lovely husband didn’t read the directions where it says how long to cook it based on the wattage of the microwave. …I really am not sure he could survive without me at this point. He got through bachelorhood alright, but at this point, I think he is pretty much useless. 😉



  1. LMAo my ex was TOTALLY useless.
    Me: We’re having mashed potatoes for dinner.
    Him: Okay. How do I make mashed potatoes?
    Me: Seriously? You don’t even know how to make mashed potatoes? Get out….now.

    Me: Can you cook the pasta for the mac n cheese?
    Him: Do I boil the water first?
    Me: Please tell me your kidding.
    Him: Do i?


    1. That is awesome. I’ve heard quite a few stories of men like that! I don’t understand how they function!!! Luckily (???) my husband is a noodle boiling PRO because before we met he lived off of mac and cheese!



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