Thursday Thoughts

– Add this to the list of shiz my husband does that cracks me up:


YEP. That is paper towel stuck into a root beer bottle. He didn’t finish it and wanted it to be saved for the next day. Surprisingly, it worked. But please, picture my face when he pulled it out of the fridge to finish. What the….?

– This:


Kimmie and I saw this at the theatre last Friday. That’s a very odd request, isn’t it?

– The Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” commercial is epic. My dad’s favorite is the man in who ships his pants in bed. I’d have agree.

Jen has been getting me wait to excited for spring cleaning. What? Do I have a fever? Or did I just say I was excited about spring cleaning? There are so many new things I want to try!


– The Ryan Braun babble head that looks nothing like Ryan Braun…

– How amazing does this macaroni and cheese look? A new spin that I will most definitely be trying sooner rather than later!

– Pumped for the Foodie Penpals reveal tomorrow. It’s my first month participating and I’m already signed up for month number 2! Check back tomorrow to hear all about my experience!

– In addition to Foodie Penpals, I’ve also signed up to be a part of another penpal program through Wifessionals. The Cara Box Exchange. Excited already!

soup Collage

– A few things about this: 1. Am I the only human that didn’t know there were beans called “Great Northern?” 2. In case you don’t always rinse your canned goods – those bubbles? Those are sodium. Gross. 3. White Chicken Chili. Not the best dinner choice for the most humid night of the year thus far. And Craig didn’t even end up liking it. Sad day.




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