Finding a Buyer’s Agent & Lender


In the lovely state of Wisconsin, if you do not have a contract with a buyer’s agent, legally (per their license), any agent you work with will act in the best interest of the seller. I took a Real Estate class in college and somehow I totally missed this. Craig set up meetings with a couple of buyer’s agents he found via Dave Ramsey (he loves the guy!), mostly because he figured, why not? Dave many times it doesn’t cost the buyer anything, because the seller covers the cost. Free help to buy a house? Yes, please.

We sat down with the husband and wife (H & W) team last week to talk about neighborhoods, price ranges, the borrowing process. They were fantastic. Honestly, we had another meeting set up with another agent, but canceled because we clicked with these two so well. They seemed to be totally up front and no point did I feel pressured to sign with them. W shared that her passion is helping first time homebuyers. She has a design background, so I’m confident that she can help (me especially) see the potential some of these properties have since we aren’t going into with booku bucks.

We are currently waiting on the contact so we can get it signed and officially start looking at homes!


H also recommended a lender to us. He was sure to point out that they don’t receive any kickback by recommendations, but since we aren’t from the area, thought we might want some guidance. We set up an initial meeting with the lender (L) just to see what he was all about. Again, awesome guy. No pressure, super up front, just genuinely nice. He has done quite a bit of work with H & W, so I think that when the time comes that we find a home, it should go rather smoothly.

After a meeting with L, Craig and I were preapproved for a mortgage. This was the most exciting part for me, because now we can not only look at homes – we have the go ahead from the lender! I’ve been so anxious and to be honest, I think I am driving Craig insane. I want that buyer’s agent contract in hand so we can start looking at places! We’ve found two thus far that are top of our list and about 12 or 13 others that are “maybes.” We will just say there have been plenty of “no’s!”

The process to this point has been headache free. We’ve been fortunate enough to find a team of individuals that have been really pleasant to work with. With all of this happening rather quickly (we didn’t have the intention of buying a home for at least another year!), it’s nice to know we are working with people that won’t pressure us.

What about you? What have your experiences been with house hunting, home ownership and the like?

I’m not by any stretch of the imagination a real estate professional. I’m only sharing what I have learned and what our experiences are. It could differ depending on situation or location. Though I am being honest about our personal experience, please don’t take this as fact.



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