Crescent Burgers

I’m not exactly sure when life slows down, but I’m beginning to guess it never does. Ever.

Friday, Kim and I went to see our friend, Joel, in a play downtown Milwaukee. We went to grad school with Joel and he is easily one of my most favorite things of the human species. He is so witty and I’m pretty sure he would do anything for anyone. Just an incredibly genuine person. He had a role in “Kiss of the Spiderwoman.” I had never heard of it and I’m glad I Google-d it before the show, or I’m not sure I would’ve been able to keep up. It was…interesting. Joel, of course, was fantastic. He’s a trained vocalist and he sounded amazing. The story line was bizarre to say the least, but it definitely held my attention. We got to get in a quick hello after the show – he had family in attendance as well, so we didn’t want to take too much time!

helicopter pick

Craig was okay with a low-key Friday night at home because he was up before TWO IN THE MORNING to head to Chicago for work. There, he spent his morning doing a helicopter pick. I’m vaguely familiar with it all, because growing up my pops had similar experiences. I had to giggle when I saw my dad (via my mother) on Facebook posted a picture of a “bigger” pick. Ironically, I remember the helicopter in my dad’s picture, as it was talked about for a period of time growing up. I really like that my dad and Craig have something like that in common. I’m pretty sure they’ll never NOT have something to talk about.

So, while Craig was in Chicago playing working, I was at home, getting a start on cleaning. …As well as wandering around in our yard shoe-less, in my pjs, looking for Rudy. Yep. Little Rudy wasn’t feeling so hot, so I rushed him outside without a leash, in my pjs, without shoes. It was the difference between life and death people – more like the difference in how big of a mess I had to clean up. So, Rudy does what he has to do, looks at me, and runs away. Of course. So, I head back up the stairs to grab some shoes to find that the door had locked behind me. Awesome. No problem, I figured I’d just walk to the side of the house to find the spare…key? Wait, where is the spare? Gone. Okay, this is the point I lose it. Outside, looking a hot mess and our cute little baby gone. After cursing my husband under my breath for moving the key (I’m not sure it was actually him…) I finally located the key (30 minutes later), got inside for shoes and tracked the dang dog down. Except he smelled awful. Like, I was gagging. And we don’t have a tub in this rental. Just a shower. There I am, heaving, crying, and standing in the shower in my pjs with my nasty, naughty dog. It was quite dramatic. But all is well. And I don’t think he is sorry:


Sunday, Craig’s family came down for the Brewer game. We tailgated the easy way – we bought Subway and brought some other sides and enjoyed some time before the game just chatting. It was nice not to fight with a grill. Our seats were great (good job babe!), but our Brewers lost. Unfortunately, that has been too common an experience this season. Regardless, it was a fun game and it was nice to get some sunshine. The sun is exhausting, especially when if feels like you haven’t seen it for prolonged periods of time in what feels like years. We headed home and after a quick power nap, we headed to dinner with his family. We were home early and passed out with no problems!


Monday was so low-key. The weather is chilly and dreary (HELLOOOO, mother nature, June is next week)! I’m pretty sure I slept at least 4 hours during the day. The only productivity I had was pouring a bowl of cereal, getting groceries and making a quick easy dinner of Crescent Burgers. The original plan was to grill, but with the weather being so glorious, we decided to keep the cooking indoors tonight. Plus, they reheat great for lunch leftovers!

finish 1

Crescent Burgers

1/2 lb ground turkey
Worcestershire sauce
1/3 packet of dry onion soup mix
1/2 tsp pepper
2/3 c cheddar cheese
1 roll of crescents
1 egg

In a skillet brown the meat and drain excess fat. In a medium bowl, mix 1/2 c cheese, onion soup mix, pepper, meat, and a couple drops of Worcestershire sauce.

Unroll crescents. Place a rounded tablespoon of meat mixture towards the larger end of the crescent and create a pocket. Place crescents onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or generously sprayed with cooking spray. Brush the tops of the dough with an egg wash.*

assembly Collage

Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top of the egg wash and bake for 10-15 minutes at 375 degrees.

egg wash Collage

*For an egg wash simply break the egg in the bowl and whisk until well blended. Add about 1 Tbs of water to the egg and whisk together. Use a brush to cover the pockets.

Craig and I don’t eat a ton of red meat, so I made them with turkey burger, though I am sure any sort of protein you wanted to use would work quite well as it is all pre-cooked before the final item is assembled and baked. I doubled the recipe to ensure leftovers for at least one day. The original recipe will yield 8 crescent burgers.

oven collage

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends, but enjoyed them remembering the reason why.




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