Sunday Social

Following the lead of my bestie, Kimmie at Racing Bananas, I decided to take part in the Sunday Socials at A Complete Waste of Makeup. I love this idea, thanks for hosting Neely! I don’t typically post on weekends and it gives you a chance to get to know the lady behind all the efff-bombs a wee bit better!

This weeks questions:

Best Summer memory as a kid?


Each summer we made a trip to Wisconsin Dells with the family. We spent the day at Noah’s Ark – having fun in the sun, eating unhealthy food, and just enjoying being lucky kids with our fabulous parents.

Favorite summer drink?


Strawberry daquiri! Mmmm – now if only the ocean and beach came automatic with that. Doesn’t that picture look glorious?

Favorite Summer TV show?
I rarely watch TV any time of year, much less when it’s gorgeous outside! I’m not even sure what TV shows typically run in the summer. I do enjoy Modern Family – new or reruns!

Best outdoor summer activity?
Grilling! Nothing is better than dinner on the grill! I love the way it smells and the way everything tastes on a charcoal grill. Lucky for me, I married a master griller! We’ve already enjoyed multiple meals prepared by the pro!

Summer vacation essentials?


Comfortable shoes, dresses, and sunglasses! You can pretty much do anything as long as you have those 3 things! I’m currently coveting this dress. I’m loving the chevron trend! Too cute!



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