Thursday Thoughts

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– Wisconsin weather!!! It snows all year round! Okay, not actually snow. Did you believe me? Even if it was only for a millisecond? They’re beautiful flower petals, but it’s like Wisconsin doesn’t feel Wisconsin without a little bit of whiteness on her ground!

– I was majorly stressing about sharing my blog with my parents. For no other reason that I found it intimidating. Well, when I finally spilled the beans, my mother informed me that she already knew and had been reading. How that happened, I’m not sure. Maybe mom’s really do know everything. Hey, mom!


– How cute are these hair ties!? Allie sent them to me as a nice little surprise. Isn’t she sweet? I had similar ones that I loved to death, so I’m happy to have replacements. I love them even more than the first ones I had! Who says a hair tie has to be boring!?


– The campus here is gorgeous. I don't want to even imagine the time and resources spent in manicuring the landscaping. I saw a man mowing today and I had to actually look hard to see if he was actually cutting the grass, because he was cutting off so little. But, for realz – could you at least make the sod match the rest of the grass? Get it together. (I kid, I kid.)

– A couple months ago I started making my own laundry detergent. I love Jen’s post about other household cleaners that are easy to make yourself. Not only is it cheaper, but then you know exactly what you (and your babies and furbabies!) may be breathing in!

These look super yummy. I think Craig and I have found our breakfast recipe for this Saturday morning!

– I mentioned last weekend that Craig and I drove around looking at homes. WELL! Tuesday night we met with a buyer’s agent and tonight we are going to see what we could be approved for loan-wise. Home ownership wasn’t on our radar at all until a few weeks ago and we planned on next year sometime. Well, life seems to have other plans and things are moving along! We haven’t looked at any homes, other than pretty pictures online, but we are quickly moving in that direction! Wow!


– This sign is always right outside of my office. I love it. It’s for the career services office, but I love that anyone walking by can be inspired by it. This sort of thought is what got me to and through grad school. Hopefully that mindset will get me into a law program and through it. Fingers crossed!



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