Where Have You Been?

This Wisco family had an action packed weekend!  Dancing, birthdays, beer, house hunting, and, of course, my usual Sunday spent baking up a storm!

Last Thursday was the dress rehearsal for the much-anticipated dance recital. The time has absolutely FLOWN by. I can’t believe that this whole journey started back in February and it’s all over now. It really was a journey. When a high school classmate and fellow pom-girl asked me to participate in this recital, I didn’t hesitate for a single second. We danced a hip hop routine to Rhianna’s “Where Have You Been?” and a lyrical/contemporary dance to Adele’s “Rumor Has It.” I have missed dancing SO much. VERY quickly I realized that I am no longer a young duck and my body and mind was having a helluva time keeping up. It was a huge reality check. I really got down on myself and often left practices feeling mentally exhausted and sometimes embarrassed that I was having such issues keeping up. Even in my “prime” I spent a ton of time practicing, a habit I continued and by the time early May rolled around I was feeling pretty okay with where I was at with the mental aspect of it. My memory was good and I could at least remember what it was I was supposed to be doing. My body on the other hand? Oof, that was a battle to the end. Friday night, Craig stayed home and I went for the first recital. My nerves were insane! It was so much fun and I found myself looking forward to the repeat performance on Saturday. Saturday was bittersweet. It had been such an emotional experience beginning in February and it was a little bit unbelievable that this was it. I’m never going to dance like that again. Ever. There won’t be the opportunity. Twenty-two years from the first time I stepped in the studio, I can say my dancing career is officially over. Wow.

After my very last recital!

After my very last recital!

Happy Birthday, Craig! Saturday was also Craig’s birthday! He was such a sport, spending his Saturday in a dark auditorium watching little girls in tutus and his old-ass wife trying to shake it. Ha. I’m glad he was there to support me. I made sure that the rest of his birthday was fantastical! He’s wearing his birthday present in the picture above – that nice Ping pullover! We also grilled steaks and potatoes and, of course, he got a homemade birthday cake! I am pleased to report that this chocolate cake did not burn and it turned out quite delicious! Recipe will come tomorrow!

*Hey Myles!

*Hey Myles!

Sunday, we went to enjoy a Groupon I had purchased for a beer tasting at Big Bay Brewery. Of the four beers we sampled, we both thoroughly enjoyed three of them. Neither of us cared much for the IPA. We left with 2 pint glasses and a build-your-own six pack. Not a bad Groupon deal at all!

beer Collage

After a quick lunch at Noodles & Co we spent time driving around looking at homes. We have our dream location narrowed down to two neighborhoods. Most of the homes in that area are out of our price range, but you can come across some real steals now and then. We are definitely going to keep our eyes peeled.

The rest of our Sunday was pretty typical – napping, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, and baking. Today, the two baking projects were homemade dog treats and baked oatmeal. Of course, you’ll get those recipes sometime very soon! I also made some laundry detergent – I’m starting to hoard plastic containers.

weekend Collage

Our weekend wrapped up with a nice evening walk with the boys. Check out this sunset. So beautiful. I am loving living by the water!

r sunset



    1. 1. I’M OLD! 2. I don’t think that Teri will put it together again next year. I guess there weren’t nearly as many girls that did it this year compared to years past. Maybe I can coach someday!



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