Thursday Thoughts

sunscreen songvia

– In light of graduation season, I thought the Sunscreen “song” was appropriate to share. It will forever and always remind me of my good friend, Jo. She was my sunshine in a very difficult period of time for me. I will forever be grateful for her friendship. But mostly, I’m just grateful she shared this with me.

– I sent my package for Foodie Penpals on Tuesday. IMSOEXCITED. I’m excited about what Wisconsin-esque things I found to include and equally excited to see what is headed my way from NYC!

– Things have really blown up the last couple weeks about Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO. Yeah, I think the guy is a doofus, but I suppose he is entitled to his own thoughts. I’m loving the response. Especially this one. Way to go, dude.

How Sweet It Is posted this list from Buzzfeed: 43 Things That Will Make You Feel Old. And at the ripe age of 26, dang it DID make me feel old. Especially the red talking face. I had totally forgotten about him.

– We had a ‘poker walk’ yesterday at work to celebrate National Employee Health and Fitness Day. Pretty sure I didn’t win anything with a pair of 4’s. But, I did score a free ticket to Summerfest, so that’s pretty awesome.

– My run last night was a very humbling experience.  Adding over a minute to my mile time?  Ooof.

photo 1

– Growing up I hated meatloaf.  To me, it was mystery meat.  Craig loves it, so I thought mayyyybe if I knew what went into it, I would enjoy it.  Nope.  Still hate it. I do, however, enjoy cheezeburgas like nobody’s business. Go figure.


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