Thursday Thoughts

– I cannot get over this weather! I’ve actually gotten a bit of a sun tan sitting outside this week, reading on my lunch hour. (BTW – “Fall of Giants” is a great book so far!)

MBG - Profilevia

– Shortly after we moved back, I bought a Groupon for boot camp classes and I finally got my act together and had my consultation last night. I’m not sure what to think.  It was more of a sales pitch than a consultation.  My first class is next week, we shall see how it goes!  Side note: I NAILED a parallel park job when I got to the gym:

Yes, 3 photos were necessary.  It's proof.

Yes, 3 photos were necessary. It’s proof.

– Check out the giveaway today at A Thoughtful Place.  When you’re done drooling over those Outshine bars, you can enter by commenting, tweeting, and blogging – like me!

– I loooove baked oatmeal. I got the best recipe from a friend’s mom in college – but this one looks like a strong competitor. I’ll definitely let you know when I try it! I’ve never baked with rhubarb before, so wish me luck!

– Rudy decided to chill on the stairs this morning.  Just sitting.  And staring.

rudy Collage

– Garam masala. I did not enjoy. At all. At.All. Monday, I left for work with the crock pot “on,” but not plugged in. Whoops. Tuesday, I made sure it was good to go when we left for work. Unfortunately, the dish was terrible and we didn’t eat it anyway. On the bright side, it’s one of very few “failures” I’ve had in recent weeks.

donate bloodvia

– I’m headed to the Blood Center of Wisconsin for another blood donation (O- baby!). The actually called me after my last donation to tell me where my blood went. It went to a patient in Franklin. I don’t know more than that, but those little details made a big impact!


– I booked a flight yesterday to head to St. Paul, MN for a day conference/workshop. I feel quite important. I’m flying in Friday morning and leaving that night. Only important people do return air travel the same day they arrive, right? And I’m important. Clearly. (ok, I’m REALLY not – I’m low man on the totum pole here, well, not counting our student workers anyway)

– Via blog land I’ve learned that strawberries have a very short season. They’re everywhere! This recipe in particular really enticed me. I need an excuse to make this. Anyone got one?

– I will be making this sometime. When I was a little girl, when we would go to Chi Chi’s to eat, we always got a fried ice cream dessert to share as a family. The running joke has always been that I became lethal with my spoon and they all feared losing fingers. I’m not sure that as a 7-year-old I was really that intimidating, but I’m still hassled about it to this day. I’m scarred, really.

– And finally. How many of you all foam roll? I’ve tried a few times and it seriously makes me sweat because it hurts so bad. I know that means that I need to do it more – but man, it can be wicked. I really liked Tina’s post yesterday about foam rolling. She might have even talked me into trying it again.




  1. I have something yummy I am going to make on Sunday with strawberries too 🙂 okay… two something yummies…
    I know – its sad- I have to make my own mothers day dessert- its the closest thing I will get to recognition on that day. Afterall, my kids are a little young to go buy me the diamonds I want. BAHAHAHAHA



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