Paper Pumpkin

round 2 pp

I love being crafty. I’m not always the most original or creative, but it’s something I do that is really relaxing and a fun way for me to pass the time.

When I was in high school and a freshman/sophomore in college I kept up with scrapbooking pretty religiously. But, life became more and more busy and slowly I’ve stopped all together. I’ve also gotten terrible about taking pictures at all. Well, I’ll take plenty, but you won’t find me in many. I hate asking people to take a picture for me. And when I finally get the courage to ask a stranger, I feel so stressed about inconveniencing them, I often look constipated or something in the picture. Lovely.

I’m a hardcore Pinterest girl. I truthfully didn’t take much of it for my wedding, but I can see how so many weddings have started to look the same. With wedding planning, I went with what Craig and I liked and I think it reflected our styles to a T. That being said, yes, we used some mason jars, but not many. There were one of four arrangements we had on different tables. I digress, all of this to say that I get a number of my creative ideas (non-wedding related!) from Pinterest, as well as the many blogs I follow. Sometimes I’m successful putting my own “spin” on them, other times I’m not.

projects Collage

Paper Pumpkin. It’s a neat monthly box I receive each month from Stampin’ Up which materials to create 4 projects. The first two months have been cards, so maybe it will eventually stray from that? I don’t know. But, anyway, it comes with all of the materials (stamp, paper, ribbon, ink, everything but adhesive!), a picture, and specific directions on how you can create that picture. Well, I’m embarrassed to say that the first month, I literally followed the directions exactly. The biggest change I made was making them hamburger style versus hot dog style (throw back to elementary art class!).

The demonstrator I order through, my good friend Kristina, also created a Facebook Group for all of her customers to share what they did with that month’s kit. I was horrified to see that I was the only one (that shared pictures) that didn’t use any of my creative juices. Other people created beautiful, original pieces that looked nothing like mine, despite the fact we had used the exact same materials. Needless to say, I didn’t share mine with the group, but I will share them here for you!

Month One Project

Month One Project

The second month, I took a little bit more creative liberty, but not much. I still feel a little bit out done! I know it isn’t a competition. But, I do greatly admire the creativity of many of the other women.

Month Two Project

Month Two Project

I’ve certainly spent worse money in my life. And even if my projects don’t end up truly original, who cares? If they didn’t want you to copy it, they wouldn’t send you the picture, right!? I love receiving my monthly box and I’m already looking forward to what May will bring!

round 2 2

Happy crafting!

I am in no way officially affiliated with Stampin’ Up or Paper Pumpkin. Paper Pumpkin is simply the happy box I receive every month as a paying customer.


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