MMoCA Hair Affair

One quality I thoroughly enjoy in friends is an adventerous spirit. My dear friends embody this in so many ways and each of them serve important, yet different, roles in my life. My friend, Kristina, is always up for something unique. Last Thursday, she asked me to join her at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) for their fundraiser “Hair Affair.”

hair Collage

Don’t squint too much, full size pictures are below! It was absolutely incredible and not at all what I expected! I was able to leave work a little early on Thursday to make the drive to Madison. After changing in a parking garage (I keep it classy, people), Kristina and I ventured down State Street to eat at Frida’s Mexican Cantina. …Except Frida’s is no longer there. Fabulous. Thankfully, there was another Mexican Cantina of sorts nearby. I don’t remember the name, though I am not heartbroken. It was only okay, probably not worth a repeat visit. We both (mostly) enjoyed some enchiladas and margaritas!

We arrived at MMoCA a little early so we could browse the silent auction. We both bid on a few items, but we were early bidders, so we were quickly out-bid. There was some big spenders there! They had a great variety of things from massage packages to art work to hair products.

photo 1

I was reeeally coveting this basket of Fiskars scrapbooking tools. I bid, but I don’t even want to imagine what the final bid was. It was well over double my offer by the time we looped back around!

photo 2

We grabbed a drink and waited for the fun to begin. These women came down at least 4 flights of stairs. Once you get a better look at what some of their are wearing on their heads (and bodies) you’ll see why this is so impressive.

The theme this year was “Time Travel.” Twenty-one area salons participated and were asked to interpret it as they saw fit. The first model was probably the most impressive to me.

She was called “Black Hole.” Yep that is ALL hair. Now, it isn’t necessarily HER hair, but it all made out of hair. How in the world they got it to stand like that, I have no idea. But, how neat! I really appreciated how simply she was dressed and liked that the hair was the main focal point.

Black Hole collage

To me, the next most impressive was a young lady that reminded me of the Queen of Hearts.

hair queen

This poor girl had a heck of a time coming down the stairs. I can only imagine what her head weighed. And her costume was incredibly elaborate. It was impressive, to say the least, but there was so much going on with the costume I think it took a little bit away from the theme of it being a “hair affair.” But, just a little bit!

Here is one with more of a modern twist (and a hardcore photo bomber, hello, stranger):

hair planet (2)

A medusa of sorts:

hair springs 2

This year was the first year they featured some male models.  Needless to say, they were popular with the ladies.  Including Kristina!

hair man

Isis.  Her wing span was quite impressive.  And those horns?  They’re real.  No biggie.

hair isis

Her pink hat is made of hair!

hair hat

She minded me of an Austin Powers move.  Groovy, baby.

hair go go

She looks like a radio antenna to me…?

hair future


hair frankenstein

Another of my favorites:

hair china

This year celebrated the 3rd annual Hair Affair.  The creativity and talent of the stylists that particpated was incredible!  I really hope to have the chance to go next year.  It was a fun, unique way to spend a Thursday evening.

Afterwards, Kristina and I hit up a bar.  Yep, we “hit it up.”  And was immediately reminded that I’m “old.”  The bar was full of college-aged students hell-bent on getting drunk.  But, it didn’t even get really busy until we were leaving…at 11!  Thirsty Thursday!



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