Family Weekend

Craig and I spent our weekend in Wisconsin Dells with his father’s side of the family.  It is a tradition that started long before I was around. Rather than getting together around Christmas, since everyone was so busy with inlaws and school activities, they got together in February to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. Grandpa passed in October 2011, but he remains a big part of the yearly family reunion.

To take advantage of the nicer weather, they have since decided to move family weekend back to May. The family rented a cabin on the Wisconsin River and 20 of my husband’s family members smooshed together to enjoy a fun and love-filled weekend. Having a large family is foreign to me, as I spent a good portion of my life with just 2 cousins. Grandma Joyce is a lucky lady, her children and grandchildren and some of the most special people I have met. I feel lucky that I can now call them my family as well.

After breakfast outside Paul Bunyan's

After breakfast outside Paul Bunyan’s

Unfortunately, with all of the rain and snow melting, the river was significantly flooded.  This meant the fire pit was underwater and the lounge chairs were down river!  Saturday was gorgeous and we enjoyed breakfast and a round of mini golf.  I also was treated to a couple nights at the casino with Grandma Joyce, Aunt Lorri, Bri and Eleise.  Thanks to them I am also newly addicted to Rumchata.  Oh my GOSH.  Heaven in a glass.

This weekend made me reflect on my own family. Family has always been and remains to be incredibly important to me. I’m blessed to have a baby sister I can call my best friend and parents that have given me unconditional (sometimes tough!) love my entire life. In college, we spread out through the nation and it’s just been since January that any of us have been in the same state. My parents live in Texas, so time with them is more valuable than ever. Having Kelsey in Madison is a little bit of a tease because our lives are so busy, we’ve only connected up a couple times since I moved back.


I get such a kick out of this quote. My family knows Craig is special because he can handle our “emotional spiciness” as we call it. Yes, my family is quite spicy. We love, fight, dream and pursue passionately. It certainly takes a special someone to be able to manage my own recipe of spice. Since meeting Craig, I believe that I’ve become more mild than I once was, but am thankful that he loves and accepts me for how I am.

It was a great weekend with Grandma Joyce and the gang. I love that Craig’s family offers a family dynamic I’ve never experienced before. Being accustomed to a small family environment, this weekend was exhausting (in the best way possible!) and we both spend our entire day recovering with naps and puppy cuddles. I’m already looking forward to next year!



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