Thursday Thoughts

– As an update on the mug project I briefly explained a couple weeks ago: don’t wash the mugs! Which, to me, makes them pretty much unusable. Who wants a mug that they can’t wash!? This baby was baked and hand washed and yet the marker still came off. Boo.


– This last weekend when Allie was in town, we stopped at a local pet store. I’d driven by it multiple times and decided to pop in with her. They sell all natural dog food, in addition to all sorts of decor, toys, treats, etc etc. I could’ve gone nuts. We did run across this strange “delicacy.”


Would you feed your dog duck feet? I don’t think I would…

– I’m loving the eos lip balms. They’re 100% natural and 95% organic and the flavors are so yummy! This weekend I stumbled upon a new flavor, sweet mint, and it’s my new favorite!


– I’m officially an old woman. I’m buying old-lady bras. THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE. I’m sure I won’t be able to wear them under everything that I own, but for the most part, these have become my new go-to bra for the work day. So ugly, but so comfy!


– I follow Tina’s blog Best Body Fitness. I’ve even done one round of boot camp. (By “done” I actually mean I just signed up and did like 3 weeks of it…life got too busy! But, I still have the workouts and have every intention of completing them….someday?) Usually once-a-week she outlines a workout on her blog. This weeks was amazing. I’ve never heard of “tabata,” but I am a fan!





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