Fall Football Weather ….in April

Another unseasonal weekend here in Wisconsin. Friday, Craig and I were in and out of stores and it was like each time we emerged from our car or the store the weather was doing something completely different. Snow, hail, rain, clear…mother nature is really having an identity crisis. Thankfully, she got it out of her system and for the remainder of the weekend and we had some very sunny (but, still quite chilly) days to enjoy outdoors!

Snow in April?  Whaaa?

Snow in April? Whaaa?

Saturday, I had an early dance practice and was super excited to find out that one of our costumes has come in! Here’s a little sneak peak of our hip hop costume. We’re dancing to Where Have You Been by Rihanna…and I’m pretty sure Craig wasn’t a fan of that song before rehearsal started and now he actually cringes when he hears it. Thank the hours of practice I’ve been putting in at home. Poor guy.


After dance, we had a mini rescue mission finding a Yorkie’s mama. He was wandering around out backyard wet and cold…and didn’t have a collar. Thankfully, we were able to find his home quickly! After the joyful reunion, we headed to Madison for the Badger Spring Football Scrimmage. We started with lunch at the Great Dane Pub. It was a repeat visit for me, but Craig’s first time. We had some yummy Bloody Mary’s while we waited for a table. After a short wait, we were seated and immediately ordered some beer battered cheese curds and some of their brews. Mmmm. How good it is to be back in Wisco!


Lunch didn’t disappoint, either. Craig enjoyed some brats and mashed potatoes and I opted for a French onion soup and half of a Reuben. It definitely hit the spot. We were filled to the brim as we made our way to Camp Randall.

It was beautiful outside. Not a cloud in the sky! It was, however, quite chilly. And whoever planned the scrimmage wasn’t thinking when they had everyone sitting in the shaded part of the stadium! The seats were fa-reeeeezing! Thankfully, they were prepared with hot chocolate. And look at the nifty tumbler that we got to keep! It was a fun afternoon, but it wore me out. I slept the whole way home. The joys of having a chauffeur husband.



Hayyy Bucky!

Sunday was pretty super, too. My dear friend, Allie, was back in town, welcoming her cousin home from Afghanistan. Her parents dropped her off mid-afternoon and we got to enjoy some girl talk (and killer nachos!) before I dropped her off at the airport. I miss her way too much! I’m definitely looking forward to my fourth of July visit this year!


LOADED nachos. No shame.

Sunday was also my Kid Sister’s birthday!  I cannot believe what an adult she is!  I’m starting to feel old!

The rest of my evening was spent gearing up for a jam-packed week. Hair cuts, doctor’s appointments, baking – all in preparation for a fun-family weekend with my in laws and the gang in the Dells!

Have a happy week, y’all!




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