More Yellow Dog Project

Let me start by clarifying, I’m not officially associated with the Yellow Dog Project. It’s simply something that I believe in wholeheartedly. With a leash aggressive dog, it’s really important to me that a movement like this is successful.

A couple weeks ago, The Yellow Dog Project posted a short video on its Facebook Page. If you visit MSN New’s website, you can watch it there.

I do believe that Myles has made great strides since joining our family, but he has a long ways to go before I would consider him an “all person” type of dog. Just last night Craig had a Myles meltdown on his walk. It had been weeks since his last. Here’s to hoping that as Myles continues to age he will mellow, he will be 8 in May!


To help spread the word, The Yellow Dog Project has a poster you can download and post. You can also help by sharing their Facebook page or this video. Knowledge is power, people!



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