Peanut Butter Hummus

The last time I was grocery shopping, I decided I was seriously craving some hummus. And then I nearly died when I saw the price. Over $5 for a “normal” sized container of hummus. Oh my. Nope. I can do without.

I love chickpeas and regularly have them in my pantry, so I knew it was just a matter of finding a great recipe to try. And sure enough, I found one that I thought sounded pretty fabulous and best of all, I already had all of the ingredients! I adapted the recipe I found HERE. Despite it’s called “Peanut Butter Hummus,” trust that it doesn’t taste much like peanut butter. That really freaked me out, because I just don’t think that peanut butter and hummus are two flavors that should ever mix (though apparently some people do, because I found several recipes that had the good ‘ole PB as the flavor…eek).

I went 23 years of my life without knowing the glory of hummus. How is that even possible!? I remember when I started grad school I felt so uncultured compared to many of my Madison peers. I was from a small town, did my undergrad in a small town, and then worked in a smaller town. I didn’t even know where to buy it once I learned I loved it. Sigh. Sheltered much? And yes, we did sign a snack list during grad school. It ensured none of us starved during our 3 hour classes, plus I’m pretty sure it was how our professor was guaranteed dinner each night. Just like he taught his classes by having all of his students pick a topic and do a presentation on it for a grade. Pretty sly man, that one was. Getting paid the big bucks to be fed for free and have his students “teach” each other. In reality, most of us only half knew what we were talking about 99.99% of the time. Whatever. I digress.

Hummus disaster

Three great things came out of my graduate experience. Work experience in admissions, a few great new friends, including a best friend of mine, Kim, and HUMMUS. The rest? Meh, I could take it or leave it. The classes and knowledge I actually gained was alright, but hummus, hummus was more than alright, it was glorious. So here you are, my very first homemade hummus recipe!

Peanut Butter Hummus

2 cans chickpeas, drained & rinsed
1 clove minced garlic (1/2 tsp of that schmancy stuff you get at the grocery store already minced!)
2 Tbs olive oil
6 Tbs peanut butter
3 Tbs lemon juice
1 tsp salt
2 tsp ground cumin
1/4 c + 2 Tbs warm water (I just got it from the tap)
1 tsp paprika (for when you serve it)

Puree all ingredients (minus paprika) together. I would recommend starting with just 1/4 c water, this is some THICK goo! Depending on the chick peas you may need to add the additional 2 Tbs, you may not. Mine wasn’t totally smooth, but I didn’t mind that. Sometimes it tastes more “real” that way. Serve with pita chips, on toast, with veggies, whatever your little heart desires. (And see – I told you it didn’t taste like peanut butter!)

Blender Processor

As you can tell by the disaster of pictures, this was a less than glorious experience. I do not have a nice food processor (though it has now made its way to the top of my wish list! Vitamix, please.) This process started in my blender and I about took the end off of the wooden spoon I was mashing it all down with. Yikes. I then, removed a portion to my very tiny food processor. It still wasn’t movin’, so I finally decided to add some water and wouldn’t ya know? It made it MOVE and puree! So, I put it all back into the blender and gave it another whirl. And whirl it did – into my very first hummus recipe!

Though, I was left with quite a sticky mess. And side note: bless my husband. I decided that 10:30 at night was the opportune time to make this creation. Poor man is upstairs in bed (we live in a very small loft cottage) and I have no doubt he could hear me cussing, the blender struggling, and dishes clanging. And he never came down to tell me to stop. So, either he is just the most tolerant person everrrrr (you are, dear!) or he sleeps like a rock (you do that, too).

One last thought on the hummus: I can imagine you could easily adapt this further with red peppers or some other fun flavor. Let Google be your guide! Enjoy!



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