Craft-Crammed Weekend In Review

Per usual, I was a busy, busy bee this weekend.  I didn’t see much of my husband, which is highly unusual for us – we are typically joined at the hip.  Much as I do love him, it was nice to have a weekend doing our own things.

On Saturday, Craig left bright and early for Dubuque, IA to see Thomas Woods speak.  We have a few of his books laying around and Craig is constantly asking me to read them or to watch him speak.  I have to remind him, that while these types of things are HIS hobby, I have little to no interest in it.  I wouldn’t mind seeing him speak, but I won’t read one of his books, nor watch a recorded speech on YouTube.  Just like I don’t expect Craig to sit down with a hot glue gun and make a door hanger or something just because I thoroughly enjoy those types of things.

While Craig was gone Saturday, I had another dance practice (just two left until the recital, eeeeek).  I didn’t crash and burn this time, so that was a little boost to the confidence.  Right after dance, I headed straight to the animal shelter to get properly trained on walking the pooches that are there until they find their forever home.  Broke my heart a little.  Before long, I’m sure I will establish myself as the resident “dog lady” with no fewer than 5 dogs running around.  But, not if Craig has anything to say about it.

Sunday, I headed to Mad-town to see Kimmie.  For her birthday, I had gotten her some crafting supplies.  Before I started my new job, I went craft-crazy one night and she had commented that she wanted to make something that I had made. Light Bulb! I decided it would make for a unique birthday gift.  Well, her birthday was in January and we JUST got around to doing this.  We’re busy ladies, what can I say?

The Birthday Girl!

The Birthday Girl!

To start things off, we made bird feeders!  I’ve seen pictures on various websites of these and they looked easy enough to re-create.  I found the cups and saucers at Goodwill for $2.00 total!  I could’ve gone crazy in there – people donate some really nice stuff that could easily be up-cycled!  We didn’t get the chance to totally finish them, because the glue was taking foreverrr to dry.

Both Cups

I opted to paint mine, but Kim left hers “original.”  All we really needed to do was glue (we used Gorilla Glue) the cup to the saucer and let it dry!  You can see that we used some paper towel to prop it up until it was set.  Of course, I accidentally left mine at Kim’s so I won’t be able to finish it until I’m able to get back there and pick it up.  But they’re pretty cute, eh?  And super easy!

Next, I started working on a new door hanger.  I still have an adorable penguin that I got at Pier One on super clearance after Christmas.  And despite the fact that I woke up to snow on Sunday, I think it’s time the penguin goes into hibernation – it IS the middle of April after all.  I already had the “M” wrapped from a previous project (using hot glue and jute), I got the frame at Michael’s for next to nothing (because it was missing glass and the back), and finally, the cotton yarn is just mostly scraps from what I keep after a crocheting project.  Pretty cheap way to spruce up our front door for spring-time!

Door hanger

While I was working on that, Kim started her glass vases.  These are what inspired my birthday gift to her in the first place!  We used acrylic paint and a toothpick to dot the bottles with various colors.  Then, bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes and you’re set to go!  The ones on the left are what I made back in January, on the right, Kim’s latest creation!

both vases

Finally, we each made a mug.  I have seen these babies ALL over Pinterest!  I’ve seen different recommendations as to what kinds of markers to use, how to bake them, etc.  I got the mugs at Hobby Lobby for $5/each.  We used original sharpies to decorate them and baked them along with Kim’s glass vases at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes.

Mug 1

I didn’t get a picture of Kim’s, silly me.  The only drawback to these is that the yellow became a little burnt looking after baking them.  Not a huge deal, I guess, but it definitely isn’t as vibrant as when it went in. (The picture was taken pre-bake)  Also, I’m paranoid to wash them – I’ve heard conflicting things, does it wash off or not!?

Last, but not least, I was sent home with two doggie toys that Kim’s dog, Charlie, apparently refuses to play with.  I guess Myles and Rudy don’t have the same standards, because once they got their paws on them, they didn’t put them down all night!  Thanks, Uncle Charlie!

dogs toys

There you have it!  My incredibly productive, incredibly fun weekend.  And so begins another busy week here in Wisco!




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