Myles Says ‘thanks’ and Rudy Gets Even

Last week, I posted about The Yellow Dog Project. On their Facebook page, the afternoon that I originally shared them with you, they added a new poster. It was so perfect, I couldn’t NOT share it.

Dogs in Need of Space

Myles says, ‘thanks’ to all of the pet ‘moms’ and ‘dads’ who respect his space. And as his ‘parents,’ Craig and I are also grateful to those who follow the leash laws and don’t let their pets approach with a simple “Oh, my dog is so friendly, don’t worry.” Myles is too, generally, as long as he isn’t on his leash with mom and dad.

So, to all of you that have ‘super friendly’ dogs that would ‘never’ be aggressive – first of all, remember that they are animals and no matter how sweet they are, they’re still animals with animal instincts. Secondly, there are plenty of dogs out there, who may be in a loving family now, but are still battling insecurities that translate to leash aggression or something similar. And finally, for your own pet’s safety, the only place they should be off of their leash is in a fenced yard or dog park. I’ve witnessed a dog getting hit crossing the street to meet Myles. It was pretty traumatizing for everyone. I’m sure the owners had confidence their dog was trained to stay in their yard, but he couldn’t overcome the temptation of meeting a new friend across the street who was on his nightly stroll.

Okay, I’m off my pedestal now. Thanks for taking a look and considering my point of view!

Now, Mr. Rudy. The night of my Open House resulted a long day for our dogs. With the Open House being right after work and us living more than a half an hour away, they were cooped up for an unacceptable amount of time. I have guilt when it happens, but I have to also remind myself that it so rarely happens that I shouldn’t get too hard on myself.

Craig and I got home around 8 o’clock and the dogs were INSANE. They had so much pent up energy! They were playing a little rougher than normal and even got a little snotty with each other. Sigh. I consciously have more patience with them in these circumstances. It isn’t THEIR fault that mom and dad had a busy schedule and were therefore temporarily neglected. Outside of some extra energy, they were good little boys and were extra appreciative of the lovin’ they got from us.

Around 9:30 I headed to bed. Yep, call me old. If I am in bed later than 10pm, I might as well call in sick the next day. I am a BEAST. So flipping crabby. With yesterday being a longer working day, I was more than ready by 9:30. I went upstairs to find Rudy comfortably laying in our bed, which isn’t out of the ordinary, along with a half-eaten pillow.

Rudy Pillow

What a jerk. I don’t typically “punish” the dogs for things that I don’t catch them doing. And since he wasn’t actually chewing on the pillow when I joined him in the bedroom (he was happily snoozing under the covers), I couldn’t bring myself to reprimand him. But, seriously? Rudy is excellently behaved when we are around. So, maybe it’s mom and dad that need to be better trained. Lesson learned: keep a better eye on the pooch, especially after a long day alone.

What disasters have you encountered as a pet owner?


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