The Disaster that is Bundt

Today, in my office, we are celebrating “Student Appreciation Day” for all of our fabulous student workers. The two that work directly with me are beyond fantastic – and really, the rest of them are, too. To celebrate, the office catered in Qdoba and some of us brought some other yummy things since not all of them are in over the lunch hour.

My contribution is a 7 Up Bundt Cake. I was so excited making this. It was meant to be the first recipe I posted here on What the Efff, butttttt it didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted it to.

I had high hopes! I love lemon flavored ANYthing. It was an interesting recipe , in that it required the butter and sugar be creamed together for 20 minutes. Yep, twenty. whole. minutes. Thank goodness for my newest kitchen toy, the resident apple-red Kitchen Aid Mixer.

7up Preparation

After 20 minutes, the batter was heavenly. So, light and creamy…and sticky!

Sticky Dough

But, as soon as I added the last ingredient, 7 Up, it un-stickified. It was only about 3/4 of a cup and I was surprised how much it changed the consistency.

7Up Dough

Into the bundt pan she went to cook for an entire hour. Eventually making us late for our dinner plans. My oven is typically a speed baker, but of course, when we have somewhere to be, it takes its sweet ‘ole time.

A little more than an hour later, out she came. Beautiful as ever. Golden, crispy on the outside, seemingly soft and decadent on the inside.

Pretty cake

Off we went to Craig’s cousin’s place. Peter and his wife, Marie, live in Germantown and we haven’t spent much time with them since we’ve been back. They were interested in introducing our two pooches to their cat, Stormy, in hopes that they could watch our dogs time to time. Peter really wants a dog and he thought that some limited time with ours would seal the deal with Marie.

Long story short, it wasn’t a match made in heaven. Myles apparently already knew he didn’t like cats (oh the mysteries of rescue dogs!) and there was no hope for them. Rudy, on the other hand, was quite intrigued by Stormy. They were “friendly” enough, mostly curious, but as soon as Stormy let out a kitty growl it was all over.

So, unfortunately, we don’t have family dog sitters, but it was a good night anyway. We enjoyed catching up with them and seeing their new place. We stayed with Peter’s parents when we first moved back to the Milwaukee area, so we had heard so much about their new townhouse. It was nice to be able to see what they had been talking about!

When we got home, I decided to finish up my bundt cake by plating it and sprinkling it with some powdered sugar. Well, you can see how that turned out:

Ugly cake

Stuck to the bottom like nobody’s business. Of course, this instilled a bit of panic, because it was 10:30 and where was I going to find a substitution!? I had exhausted my flour and sugar supplies making this and I knew we wouldn’t have time in the morning to stop. I made the executive decision to cut it into slices and serve it that way.

Sliced Cake

It still isn’t very pretty, but it’s better than the alternative. A couple of the pieces crumbled, so I had the chance to taste test. The taste is divine. Just enough lemon (I had taken advice of some of the reviews I let and added some vanilla in addition to the lemon extract) and so moist. It was much denser than I anticipated, but it’s a breakfast cake, so maybe that is okay. Anyhow, overall, this recipe was not a keeper. When am I going to learn to not try new recipes for “strangers?” My standards for feeding Craig are much lower than the general public, so maybe I am better suited to keep my experiments homebound!

Have you ever had a recipe disaster when preparing for a gathering?
How did you “fix” it?



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