A Weekend in Review

My weekend included hurt pride, a clear message that I’m not longer a “young duck,” and a very long, but very social Sunday.

Saturday, I had a dance rehearsal for a couple hours. That whole day just started off on the wrong foot. I set my alarm for 8am, weekdays, not weekends…so I woke up giving myself just enough time to get to the studio. I hate being rushed. My bad luck, or rather my lack of attention, continued into rehearsal when I fell over during a turn. Not a graceful, dance-like fall, but rather a thunderous, extremely embarrassing tumble. My right wrist hurts like a mother and I have a lovely lump and bruise on my knee. This dance thing has been tough anyway. I started dance when I was 4 years old and continued through college. When it was all over, I missed it dearly. I tried to find a coaching gig, but found that high school teams’ practice schedules didn’t mesh with a full time working girl. So, when a teammate from high school contacted me to learn a few things for a recital, I jumped at the chance.

I have quickly realized that even though I miss dancing so much, I’m no longer in a place in my life (or the shape!) to do it well. My mind has a terrible time picking up and remembering the choreography and my muscles scream every Sunday after practice. I’m trying to enjoy it, because I know it’s the last formal studio dancing I’ll probably do in my lifetime, but I can’t help but feel frustrated, flustered, and embarrassed many times when I leave. That being said, I’m not quitting now; I’ve committed time, energy, and money to doing it and I’ve committed to the other girls. I’ll finish this out and then sadly, but fondly walk away from my dancing shoes.

Sunday, Craig and I made the rounds to visit our grandmothers. That is one great thing about being back in Wisconsin – more family time! Our grandmothers live within about a half hour of each other, so we thought we would double dip! We spent the morning with Grandma Faye. She always has a little to-do list for us, but I don’t mind one bit. One of the projects she had for us was a little fence. Her new puppy Louie (you can meet him here) has been digging under a privacy wall between her and her neighbor. She is in no condition to be chasing a 1 year old puppy if he gets out, so we needed to find a solution.

gmas fence

Leave it to my talented husband to find one! With a quick trip to Menard’s, we found some wire fencing that will work perfectly. We had originally thought just a 2×4 or something, but how ugly! My grandma and her sister like to spend afternoons out there enjoying the sunshine and flowers and I certainly didn’t want them staring at an ugly board!

Mid-afternoon we headed to Grandma Joyce’s. I absolutely love this woman. She is so warm, friendly, and a fountain of great advice and wisdom. Our time there flew by, just sitting around her dining room table chatting up a storm. She treated us to a delicious dinner of roast beef, potatoes, salad, and asparagus (my favorite!). In the fall, she works at an apple orchard, so I can usually count on an apple dessert of some sort – which she delivered on!

She also offered to me this fabulous collection of recipes put together by some of the women at her church. This is fantastic for quite a few reasons, but mostly: it’s a book full of desserts only, pleasing my huge sweet tooth, and these kinds of collections are the best. It spans multiple generations and they’re recipes that are tried and true.

church cook book

Of them all, I am most excited to try the White Christmas Pie (submitted by Grandma Joyce!) and the White Velvet Cake. I’m headed to my friend, Kim’s this weekend for a day of crafting, perhaps that White Velvet Cake will have to make it’s debut!


One comment

  1. I am ALWAYS game for cake. Always!

    Also, good for you to sticking with dancing! I’m sure you’re still a rock star, even if it doesn’t feel like it 100% of the time. I’m hoping to catch your recital in May 🙂



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