Thursday Thoughts

– Tonight iz ze night! The Graduate School Open House! This is the first “major” event I have been responsible for planning. Needless to say, I’ve been a little stressed and anxious! But, I’m super excited. Fingers crossed it goes off without a hitch!

– Yesterday, I finally had the guts to share my blog with a best friend of mine (after she shared hers with me). We started our blogging adventure at essentially the same time (totally not on purpose, either)! Super scary step, but I’m happy I did. She’s already been super supportive! You should check her out, too at her Racing Bananas blog. Share the love!

– I’m totally loving the sunshiny, “warm” weather today. Yep, 55 degrees is Wisco is considered warm. My friends in TN are posting pictures in shorts and tank tops. I miss that! …but not enough to consider ever moving back!

– Just in case you didn’t catch my post about The Yellow Dog Project, at least check out their website: Such a great idea. Help them (and me!) spread the word.

– PhD or JD? What about neither? I’ve totally lost the motivation, due to frustration, to pursue my terminal degree. I’m sure it will change tomorrow. Or in an hour. Whatever.

– Today was supposed to be the first day without soda. Yesterday was also supposed to be the first day without soda. …and the day before that. …and the day before that. Yep, not sure it’s going to happen. Though it really should, I know.

And with that…I leave you to get the Open House up and going. Wish me luck!


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